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Choosing The Right Business Website Designer
- The Bottom Line

Designing a business website to support sales growth is much more complex than many realize. A website that is merely chosen for its looks, like a statue in front of the Head Office main door, is much easier to build. Creating a selling effective website requires good team action and often compromise between the owner and the designer. Develop a short list of possible website designers, then use this checklist to help you cut down the list.

Unless you get a YES to each of these 10 questions, there is a possibility of conflicts down the road. Stick with web designers where you feel they can relate to your objectives for the website. Drop the others from your short list.

Does Your Website Designer Accept ...

1 the website should grow sales and not merely win graphic design awards? tick
2 they must design to achieve the selling objectives that have been set for the website? tick
3 that visitors using almost any browser should enjoy the user experience? tick
4 that visitors using any screen resolution of 800 x 600 or larger should enjoy the user experience? tick
5 that visitors using even a dial-up connection should find the website loads at an acceptable speed? tick
6 that the website will need to rank well with the major search engines for important keyword phrases? tick
7 that visitors should easily find what they want on the website without being forced to think? tick
8 that all visitors should be able to use the website whatever visual or other handicaps they may suffer? tick
9 that the website should confirm the credibility of the company? tick
10 that the total impact of the website should help "close the sale"? tick


There are many good website designers around so don't settle for someone who may build a website that may be ineffective or even weaken your contacts with prospective customers. Once you've got down to the short list, then get references from other customers. Look more carefully at their portfolio. Make sure that they can deliver a completed website by the date you require and that they have a reputation for delivering on their word. Ensure that the fees they are proposing fits your budget.

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SMM's strengths, experience and creativity can complement and expand those of your company as you choose your website designer and work with them on the website. To learn more, write us a Message today on what you wish to know without obligation.


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