Terms of Service

Description of Services

SMM Internet Marketing Consultants (“SMM”) provides consultancy services to any client (“the Company”) according to a  Project Mandate agreed to by both parties and specifying the fee basis for such services. Additional work to meet changed specifications at any stage of the consultancy program, or to satisfy demands for further consultancy will be defined by a new or modified Project Mandate. Such new or modified Project Mandate will be agreed to by both parties and will specify the fee basis for such additional services.

Confidential Information

SMM agrees that any information received which concerns the intellectual property, the financial status or other affairs of the Company will be treated in full confidence and will not be revealed to any other persons, firms or organizations.

Business Ethics and Non-compete Clause

SMM follows the highest standards of business ethics in operating its business. To this end, SMM undertakes to not work in any manner, either directly or indirectly, for any business that manufactures, sells or trades in the same or similar products to those of any of its current customers, unless such customers agree in writing if asked that they do not object to such work.

Terms of Payment

Consultancy fees are charged as set out in the Project Mandate. An initial deposit equivalent to 5 hours of consultancy time at the standard fee rate or the total fee, whichever is the lesser, is required on the agreement of the Project Mandate. Services will be billed at agreed rates every four weeks, with the initial deposit serving as a prepayment for services. Where appropriate, a timesheet is maintained in a Google Docs spreadsheet and can be shared with you so that you at all times know the time that is being billed.  

Invoices are due for payment on receipt by the client. Payment should normally be paid via Interac (email) transfer or through PayPal (account – barry.welford@gmail.com), which accepts credit cards.

You should be aware that we always work on a team basis with our clients.  While the project continues, we’re looking at the world from your point of view. This is not time we bill you for. Our working arrangements may well give you some valuable bonuses.

Termination of the Project Mandate

If the Company asks that work on the consultancy project be stopped in writing, either on a temporary or on a permanent basis, charges will be determined to the moment of stoppage and billed immediately. Either party may cancel this Project Mandate on thirty (30) days notice to the other party by e-mail or in writing, in either case requiring confirmation of receipt..