SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services


Websites that are well designed may see more than 3/4 of their visitors coming via searches, particularly from Google. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important. However the Search Engine field is complex.

Simple oversights and errors may reduce search engine traffic by a factor of ten or more. On an ongoing basis, Google makes significant changes in its algorithms and in the way it presents search results. A new complication is Local Search, which will bring you local customers but involves new factors. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus are also a factor in search. This all increases the SEO challenge.

Be prepared to invest significant time in becoming an expert and in staying on top of changes. Alternatively work with someone who can provide that up-to-date expertise. SMM will be happy to work with you to ensure your website is highly visible in search engine keyword searches and is bringing in sales.

What influences search engines

Some people assume that SEO is just a matter of adjusting the content on the web pages and getting a large number of links from other websites that point towards the website. You will see the experts debate on whether it is Content or Links that is most important. What is often not realized is that the Website architecture or structure can be even more important in getting good search engine visibility. An effective SEO project will handle all three aspects as is illustrated in this image.

SEO key factors

SEO gets web pages ranked highly in Search Engine Report Pages (SERPs) that list the results of keyword queries. All three major search engines must be considered – Google, Yahoo! and Bing. SEO gets visitors to the web page. The web page must then convert a casual visitor into a prospect. To do this, the web page must not appear stilted or lack credibility.

Web pages must not contravene the Terms of Service of each search engine. A contravention might trigger permanent removal from the search engine database and thus zero resulting traffic. This largely means that the search engine spider must see what the human visitor sees. SEO is best done initially as the website architecture is being determined and as the individual pages are being constructed. Over time, web pages can be ‘tweaked’ to reflect changes in the market place and what is learned from website traffic.


A word of caution is appropriate since there are many SEO consultants around and many SEO customers have had costly and unsatisfactory experiences with some of these consultants. To avoid these bad experiences, you must realize:

  • There can be no meaningful guarantees of ranking results although improvements can be assured.
  • It is not necessary or wise to indulge in practices that are against the Terms of Service of the search engines. This can result in your website being banned from the search engines.
  • SEO is not merely a computer word game played against the search engines by techno geeks. A website must work for its human visitors.
  • SEO is best seen as part of the total process of improving website traffic and converting visitors into customers.

The Steps Involved In SEO

Effective SEO can involve the following steps:

  • Evaluation of the key competitors’ websites for the target market niche
  • Development of the appropriate keyword list used by prospects
  • Modification of the web pages’ head code and text content
  • Development of inlinks (or back links to use the Google term) from authoritative external websites
  • Developing website visibility in the social media
  • Monitoring of search engine visibility
SMM can handle all of this or can work with your company staff to help them develop the necessary skills. If you are looking for an expert who can provide guidance to your team as they work on SEO, then SMM is an ideal choice. Whatever your needs, Contact Us on what you’re looking for without obligation.