Over the years, SMM has produced a vast collection of white papers and articles on all aspects of business strategy and Internet marketing. This listing of some of those resources may well provide the information you are looking for.  We encourage you to explore what is set out below.  If you need more specific information then please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Marketing Right Now – a free e-book

Marketing Right Now is available as a PDF e-book. Detailed information is provided on the critical marketing actions that will ensure a successful business start-up and strong sales growth. Although it is a relatively short book, it covers all the essential marketing principles and practices you need to get maximum ‘bang for the buck’. SMM will be happy to assist you in getting the best value for your marketing efforts by applying these methods.

SMM Articles Archive

This White Paper and Newsletter Collection includes many articles on Internet Marketing and related issues, which were published up to July 2008. Since then, articles are now published on the three SMM blogs:

The articles in this Archive are maintained in their original format since many visitors continue to read these. Gradually some of the most viewed will be updated and featured as blog posts on the SMM blog..

White Papers

  • Winning Marketing Plans are Client-centric

    Focus on your market niche and adopt a customer-centric view of the market place. – Pick of the Month – Strategis Canada, March 2000
  • Website Planning

    High Performance Internet marketing starts with sound strategy . Permission Marketing puts purchasers in the driving seat, as they search the web for potential suppliers. Your website must have Saleability, Search Engine Visibility, Usability and Credibility to beat out the competition.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Key

    Search Engine traffic to websites is an important contributor to the prospective leads who find the company’s websites. Search Engine Optimization must be thorough and detailed to maximize the traffic.
  • Getting Leads And Selling

    The Internet brings much more powerful communication tools but tougher competition. It empowers buyers to be more in control of whom they choose to see and how they wish to purchase. An effective marketing and selling organization will plan, operate and monitor results to succeed in this more challenging environment.

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