The Internet is not just another marketing channel like billboards or Yellow Page ads or printed brochures. If you think so, then you are missing out on a major upheaval and a significant change that is affecting everyone in society.

Companies and individuals are handling some of their most basic business, work and social functions in a very different way. More than half of our clients after working with us realize they should put more effort into choosing their strategy to survive and succeed. Your strategy must target the right customers, help you stand out from the crowd and ensure that prospects and clients have a strong desire to do business with you rather than your competitors. Such a strategy will deliver you the best possible sales growth.

Working with SMM on an Internet Marketing Strategy Review is a wise first step. Internet Marketing includes both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). If you’re looking for assistance in Internet marketing, then please contact us. For more information specifically on search engine optimization check out the SEO Services page.

The Internet is Two-way Communication

There are two principal strengths of the Internet. One is the ability to communicate. Rich-media information can go from one individual to another individual via the Internet. That could be an animated web page, or a video clip, or a detailed quotation or a simple e-mail message. It’s all powerful stuff and well justifies all the efforts. Indeed this aspect of the Internet is causing major organizational changes.

Companies outsource operational functions to other companies around the world. It also means that individuals do their jobs differently. There are now semi-private ways of communicating with them. That includes their participation in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This creates new approaches for networking. At the same time, prospects may put up walls to keep out unwanted intruders (spammers). That can often keep out sales people too.

The Internet Creates New Connections

The other strength of the Internet is the ability to make new interconnections. This means that a prospect can become aware of the existence of a new supplier and can then make contact. Prospects may also become aware of other customers, either satisfied or dissatisfied, in trying to assess potential purchases. This has now all become a reality as high-speed computers through advanced searching techniques find potential suppliers or even dissatisfied customers from around the world. This allows purchasers to look for suppliers in a much more thorough way. It also allows sellers to find potential prospects in ways never before possible.

Internet Marketing

Marketing is concerned with the total two-way communication between a company and its customers and prospects. Internet marketing is now the principal vehicle for this customer-contact process. Other traditional marketing activities still have a role but are often used in a complementary way to give maximum impact and return on the total effort. Internet Marketing is concerned with the total process of attracting prospects and creating sales. Search engines can be powerful vehicles for bring traffic to a website.

Maximising visitor traffic from search engines is the objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Internet Marketing over the past few years has now expanded to include what is often called Social Media Marketing (SMM). Individuals interact and network with their friends and followers through websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and a host of others. Messages that flow through these social channels form part of what has been labeled Word-Of-Mouth and this gives a whole new dimension to the way information on products and services can be transmitted to target prospects.

Developing the core Internet Marketing skills

One problem in developing the necessary in-house skills to do Internet Marketing successfully is that the Internet changes rapidly and continuously. The Internet is complex and different skill levels can produce very different outcomes. This can be catastrophic if the competitors know how to exploit the Internet better than you do. To help reinforce your Internet Marketing skills, it is preferable to involve an Internet Marketing consultant or coach. Such an expert will be aware of all Internet developments and knowledgeable on the most effective ways of making sales grow. At the same time, an outsider’s perspective can ensure that plans are using the best techniques available and are realistic.

If you need such assistance, SMM will be happy to help you figure out your best approach. Our help can be configured to meet exactly the needs you have. Our strengths, experience and creativity can complement those of your company. Contact Us today on what you’re looking for without obligation or chat online if Barry Welford is available. A good way to determine the key priorities and to get to know us is to do an Internet Marketing Strategy Review. This will ensure that your strategy will develop the best possible sales growth.