Internet Marketing Strategy Review

Summary – The review evaluates your Internet Marketing Strategy with respect to the market niche you are targeting and the competition you must beat. It includes a critique of your Web Site(s) and suggests how sales growth can be improved.

Process – The process includes the following:

  • confirms the objectives of your Marketing Strategy and the role you wish your web site(s) to play in your selling process
  • evaluates the market niche you are targeting
  • explores your competition for this niche on the Internet
  • examines your competitive advantage and looks at ways of enhancing this
  • checks the selling effectiveness of your website(s) by examining usability, credibility and visibility in search engines and in social media.
  • suggests how your web site(s) may be made more selling effective
  • suggests what other Internet Marketing activities should be included in your strategy.
The Review is a 6 page or more document of the key findings, delivered by e-mail. You can see the Table of Contents for a typical report in this PDF file, which opens in another window. Where appropriate, it will include detailed and specific changes required in the website(s) structure and content. The coach will typically spend at least 10 hours in total on the assignment.

Fees – The fee for this work is $500. The fee is reduced for non-profit agencies (by 50%). If this applies, please contact us. The total fee is payable at the start of the project via Interac (email) transfer or through PayPal ( The project is subject to the SMM Terms of Service.