SMM provides the services you need to help your business succeed on the Internet.  Below you will find examples of specific ways we can help you, but to gain an overview of our approach you can check out our webpage on Internet marketing.  

Although Google has taken great efforts to limit what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do, this is still an important activity.  If that is your particular need, then you can view the Web page on SEO.

Over the years, SMM has produced a large collection of helpful white papers and articles.  In addition there is a a free e-book, “Marketing Right Now”.  You can review what is available on the Resources Web page.

The exact way of involving SMM can be tailored to your precise needs, given the skills and experience of your own team. SMM can reinforce your management team with complementary skills and experience. Here are some typical ways that SMM has helped other entrepreneurs like you.

Local Online Visibility

The Internet is also where many potential customers are looking for suppliers. In local markets, they may even look for suppliers on their smart phones. The downside of the Internet is that there is an overwhelming choice of ways you can try to be visible online. Many of these are pushed by suppliers who may not be offering what will work best for you. You may get little value for whatever you spend or in some cases you may even be doing harm to your online visibility.

What is available to you is also available to your competitors of course. SMM can help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors. Our assistance can be geared to what you are trying to achieve, what challenges you are facing and what will work best for you. A low-cost first step is to do a Local Online Visibility Review. See how your online visibility rates against your key competitors. If your prospects never see you, they will never become your customers.

Internet Marketing Strategy and Website Development

In this Internet age, a different perspective is needed to develop a high performance marketing strategy. This must combine traditional marketing and selling tools with the powerful approaches now possible using the Internet. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. A fixed fee Internet Marketing Strategy Review is a wise first step in determining your best sales growth plan. This covers the following:

  • Determine the best Internet marketing strategy to develop the target market niche versus the competition.
  • Define the structure and content of the website to achieve strong ratings on the four critical dimensions – search engine visibility, usability, credibility and selling effectiveness.
Follow-up tasks can involve providing highly effective copywriting for the English web pages and of the associated metatags. SMM can act as project manager with your web designer to ensure an effective error-free website is launched in a timely way.

Website Sales Effectiveness Audit

SMM can evaluate your existing website’s selling effectiveness for your chosen market niche versus your competition on the four critical dimensions – search engine visibility, usability, credibility and selling effectiveness. We will also identify ways of improving performance rapidly and over the longer term.

Business Blogging

Having a business blog can be one of the most powerful marketing weapons in your armory. In some ways, a business blog can give you more visibility with potential customers than your website. It also can give a rapid way of dialoguing with your customers. SMM can help you either to set up a blog or can write more powerful blog posts for your existing blog. This can be done on a post-by-post basis or for a specific period of time. Whatever help you may need to make your business blog more effective, SMM can provide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An important part of the traffic to your website will be potential customers who have used say Google to find suppliers for their needs. Effective SEO must identify the keywords used by potential customers and then optimize both the visible and invisible parts of your website. This ensures high rankings in the Search Engine Reports. SMM can help you achieve this visibility.

Our help can be configured to meet exactly the needs you have. Our strengths, experience, creativity and practical common sense can complement those of your company. So Contact Us on what you’re looking for.