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SMM offers SEO services to ensure your website is highly visible in search engine keyword searches and is bringing in sales. Internet Marketing is the most dollar-effective way of growing your sales and your company. Search Engines can bring a significant part of those sales by directing prospects who are searching for suppliers to your website.

SEO is only one part of a total Internet Marketing Strategy. Such a strategy will ensure the best possible sales growth. A fixed fee Internet Marketing Strategy Review and Sales Growth Plan is often a wise first step.

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SEO should not be seen just as an exercise in getting higher rankings in Google. What counts is growing sales and any SEO work must be done within that context. The packages below take this wider view and offer significant benefits beyond what is achieved by some of the much-publicized GUARANTEED #1 keyword search results programs.


A word of caution is appropriate since there are many SEO consultants around and there are also many SEO customers who have had costly and unsatisfactory experiences with some of these consultants. There are four principal reasons for these bad experiences:

  • SEO is not a computer game played against the search engines by techno geeks.
  • SEO should rather be seen as part of the total process of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to improve website traffic and grow sales.
  • There can be no meaningful guarantees of ranking results although improvements can be assured.
  • It is not necessary or wise to indulge in practices that are against the Terms of Service of the search engines. This could result in your website being banned from the search engines.


The packages described below all include the following stages:

  • Evaluation of the key competitors' websites for the target market niche
  • Development of the appropriate keyword list used by prospects
  • Modification of the web pages' head code and text content (assuming coding is done by the company or its web designer)
  • Development of inlinks (or back links to use the Google term) from authoritative external websites
  • Developing website visibility in the social media
  • Monitoring of search engine visibility

These typical packages assume that you will not assign someone within the company to take over the ongoing work involved in monitoring results and tuning the website for continuing high performance. More often companies do assign such a person and SMM can assist in the training and handover. A low level of SMM involvement thereafter is the most cost-effective way of staying ahead of all changes in the search engine field. The best package to fit your needs can be developed with you. Solo entrepreneurs benefit from a 25% reduction while registered charities benefit from a 50% reduction of the prices below.Prices effective as of June 29, 2011.


Complete optimization of a 5-10 page standard HTML website

  • First month - $ 800 Canadian
  • Second month - $ 500 Canadian
  • Subsequent months - $ 300 Canadian per month


Complete optimization of a 50 page standard HTML website

  • First month - $ 1,200 Canadian
  • Second month - $ 750 Canadian
  • Subsequent months - $ 450 Canadian per month


The exact cost is very dependent on the particular structure and content of the website.
Complete optimization of 500 page standard HTML website based on a Content Management System (CMS)

  • First month - $ 1,600 Canadian
  • Second month - $ 1,000 Canadian
  • Subsequent months - $ 600 Canadian per month


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SMM's strengths, experience and creativity can be working for you. An SEO Plan can be agreed with you to meet your needs. For expert and reliable SEO services, write us a Message on what you're looking for without obligation or request a quotation by clicking on the button to the right.


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