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The Internet has changed the pace of life. In a sense, time goes faster with the Internet. The e-book, Marketing Right Now, sets out the secret to success in this Internet age. Secret is an appropriate word, because so few people seem to have seen what is right before their eyes.

This e-book is written for entrepreneurs and SOHOs (small office, home office workers). However the principles are applicable to big companies too. It is now available for free and you could not find a better resource to spend some of your time on.

free download of marketing right now

Many companies start up because the owner feels they have a great idea for a product or service that everyone will acclaim and that their friends assure them should do well. The world is a much tougher place to do business in than they may realize. The Internet is not a magic key to instant success. Every effort has been made here to cover all the important concepts in as concise a form as possible. For more details on the e-book, you can check out the MRN Details page. To download this free e-book, click on the button on the right. (This is a 1 Mb PDF file so please be patient.)

MRN started as a series of articles, which appeared on the Cre8asite Forums blog, Cre8tive Flow. They are no longer online but they provided the essential marketing actions that ensure a successful business start-up and strong sales growth. These were the titles of the individual articles on the Cre8tive Flow website.

  • MarketingRightNow - Introduction
  • MRN - Time is of the essence
    See also the video Time Is Job One
  • MRN - The Customer Is The Boss
  • MRN - First Things First - The Plan
  • MRN - The Blog
  • MRN - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • MRN - SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • MRN - Grow Your Business

A short 3 minute video is available that introduces the blog series, which you can access via MarketingRightNow on YouTube.

If you need any Internet Marketing coaching help to ensure your business is on the right track, SMM will be happy to help you figure out how we can best support you. Our help can be configured to meet exactly the needs you have. Our strengths, experience and creativity can complement those of you and your company. So write to us today on what you're looking for without obligation.

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