Greetings to all Entrepreneurs and SOHOs, If you are keen to be running your own business, then the e-book, Marketing Right Now, is exactly what you’re looking for.

If your business is already up and running, it probably is not performing as well as you would like. Marketing Right Now can help you identify what is causing the poor performance. mrn free downloadYou are eager to do something but other advice books are very long.  Here you will find just what you need and no more. Remember that the majority of new companies fail. To avoid that, read and act on what you will find in the pages of Marketing Right Now.

The Internet represents great opportunity.  But it is also very crowded and the majority of people will be dissatisfied with what they achieve.  It also can appear very complex so how do you make sure you have taken everything into account that you should. Marketing Right Now answers all those concerns.  It provides a Big Picture Approach to what your business must do for success.  It gives you the essential first steps.

As an entrepreneur, you are eager to get going and see results.  You are looking for a Rapid Start Up.  That is great but you must make sure you have handled all the essentials in the best way for maximum impact.  Marketing Right Now does that in just 55 pages.  Your time is valuable so you cannot afford to be doing a lot of reading. This book in PDF format is just what you need so click on the button above to download your copy now. (This is a 1 Mb PDF file so please be patient.)

As a follow on to reading the book, you may well find it useful to get some help from a business coach.  That can ensure you are focusing on the right elements and gives you a second opinion on the strengths of your business.  Contact us to check this out.

The Business Plan Paradox

The essential ideas in this book came up some years ago.  I was giving courses to budding entrepreneurs to help them write their business plans and start up their businesses.  Most of them had little spare cash and needed to get going fast.  They had energy and enthusiasm and were also eager to be doing things to see results.  Getting involved in a business planning exercise that took a few weeks was the last thing they had in mind. Yet some parts of the business plan are critical and all is useful eventually.  

Just how much planning do you need to do before you can start taking actions and getting results. Marketing Right Now deals with those critical parts of a business plan.  Once those are set, then the slogan is Faster is Better.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • You get cash in faster
  • You can make improvements earlier
  • You will stay farther ahead of the competition

Why You Need This Book

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • You want to go fast
  • You have no time (no need) to read long-winded books
  • Your time is money
  • You must make sure you handle the priorities
  • You can learn by doing
  • You will get cash in faster
  • You are more likely to stay ahead of the competition
  • The Internet can spread the word
  • The Internet is very crowded so you must do it right
  • You should build Time Is Job One into your product or service

More Information About The Book

The single most important principle is to make sure that you have done enough thinking about strategy. You may wish to rush ahead and start doing things. However you must take time to consider what you are doing for your hoped-for customers. Unless you have something to offer that really stands out from your competitors, you may get lost in the crowd. The Internet is not a place where you can make easy money. For many, it is a place where they work hard and are still invisible and frustrated.

A word to team members in small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

mrn free downloadIf you find the concepts useful, you may wish to download a copy of this e-book for the owner or CEO of your company.  It is a handy way of presenting some important concepts that will undoubtedly improve the results for your company.  That will be good for her or him and good for you. Involving the services of a business coach can facilitate your combined efforts.  Contact us to explore this further.