Local Online Visibility Review

Summary – Increasingly your potential customers will be using their smartphone to find someone on the Internet who can meet their needs. Will they find you or one of your competitors? The review audits your Local Online Visibility in your market niche versus your key competitors.

Process – The process includes the following:

  • Determines and evaluates the important online marketing channels for your market niche
  • Explores the online visibility of you and your key competitors in these marketing channels
  • Examines your competitive advantage and looks at ways of enhancing this
  • Suggests what Internet Marketing activities should be included in your growth strategy to improve your local online visibility
The Review is a 2 pages or more document of the key findings, delivered by e-mail. You will also receive a spreadsheet of detailed online parameters for you and your key competitors. The coach will typically spend at least 5 hours in total on the assignment.  You will then have the opportunity of a telephone or Skype call with me of up to 30 minutes to discuss the findings.

Fees – The fee for this work is $250. The fee is reduced for non-profit agencies (by 50%). If this applies, please contact us. The total fee is payable at the start of the project via Interac (email) transfer or through PayPal (barry.welford@gmail.com). The project is subject to the SMM Terms of Service.


It is important to realize that the online world is continually changing. You should put your efforts into those social media or search engines that currently interest your potential customers. This Review will help you do exactly that. This is something that you can do yourself. However, it is always good to get a second impartial opinion. We can provide exactly that.

If you wish to do your own analysis, the following reading list gives useful guidance on how efforts can be applied:

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  2. 10 Tips on How to Research Your Competition
  3. 5 Ways to Research Your Potential Customers
  4. 5 Ways To Use The Internet To Get Customers
  5. 5 Ways to Improve Local Visibility Online
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  7. 6 High Impact Ways To Enhance Local Business Visibility Online
  8.  3 Easy To Implement Google Tips For Local Businesses
  9. What To Blog For A Small Local Business

If you find that all a little daunting, why not contact us for help in improving your local visibility online versus your competitors.