Here is a list of some of the best articles written by Barry Welford. The links in the titles will take you to PDF versions of the articles.

How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis (Social Media Examiner)
This article  describes 3 recent case studies and 7 priority steps to take to best handle such situations.
Building Your Customer Relationships (Direct Marketing News)
Customers are now empowered by the Internet and no longer are swayed by push marketing.  By treating satisfied customers as partners and stakeholders, they may become influencers on other prospective clients..
How is Google like Attila (SMM blog)
Attila the Hun amassed a huge empire because he could. Google should focus instead on what it does well and avoid FTC concerns on its dominance.
When mobile friendly is not enough for users (Blogcritics – Technorati)
Mobile-friendly is all the rage yet this does not deliver the best mobile user experience.
Comment cacophony (Search Engine People)
Blog comments are added because Google values the associated inlinks since they are usually not nofollowed. Only Google can stop the spam rot that results.
Google stop the rot (Search Engine People)
The format of the Google algorithm with its PageRank emphasis on inlinks encourages spammy linking activity. A solution is proposed to stop this.
Google Search does a half-baked job (Search Engine People)
Human searchers rely on their three brains, head, heart and gut, to assess web pages and Google can only operate on digital logic missing out the gut and emotions.
10 reasons for editing your published blog posts (Search Engine People)
As more knowledge is found, blog posts can be improved to give a more fulfilling visitor experience.
When should you publish that blog post? (Directory Journal)
The question of when it is best to publish a blog post has been asked many times. It has been answered by some very fine bloggers. In this article we will suggest how you can decide what will work for you.
How long should that blog post be? (Directory Journal)
In an earlier post we described How To Write Engaging Blog Posts. What was not covered was how long that blog post should be. There is no single right answer to that question but we will suggest what you should take into account.
How to write engaging blog posts (Directory Journal)
What characterizes a good blog post? This article discusses the key factors you should consider in writing your posts.
Top 100 lists are over the top (Directory Journal)
Top 100 lists are very popular but the benefits of creating such lists may be over-rated.