LURI (Location Uniform Resource Identifier)

Finding the address of the geographical location corresponding to a web page found on the Internet is a challenge. Many web pages do not have geographical data appearing anywhere on the web page. Even if such data is included, there are no standards or conventions on how that data should be set out or displayed.

The LURI (Location Uniform Resource Identifier) corrects this situation. For any web page identified by a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), an associated web page identified by a LURI (Location Uniform Resource Identifier) can be created. The LURI web page contains a minimum number of standard location parameters and is visible on the smallest mobile device, such as a cell phone.

The same LURI web page is applicable for all the URIs associated with that same physical location (i.e. a One-to-Many relationship). Such a LURI simplifies and makes more precise the Local Search facility that most search engines are offering. It also means that Mobile Local Search is now more easily provided, i.e. Local Search via a mobile device. The LURI web page could contain the following data for display in a browser on any mobile device including cell phones. These particular entries are illustrative and the actual content and order would be set by an agreed standard for LURIs. Each line would be terminated by a <RETURN>. There would be no labels stored in the LURI since these would be standard. They are included below purely to simplify the presentation:

Name: ABC Company <RETURN>
Address 1: 123 7th Street <RETURN>
Address 2: LaSalle <RETURN>
City: Montreal <RETURN>
State: Quebec <RETURN>
Zipcode: H8P 3L1 <RETURN>
Country: Canada <RETURN>
Telephone: 514-234-1234 <RETURN>
E-mail: <RETURN>
Since the LURI web page would be regarded as the definitive determinant of the physical location associated with the normal web pages (URIs), there would be a strong incentive for the website owner to ensure that the LURI web page was correctly defined and kept up-to-date. If search engines also use the LURI as the determinant of the geographical location for a URI, then it is likely that the vast majority of websites will include the appropriate LURI or LURIs.

An example of the output of a typical LURI can be seen here.