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SMM Blog Post Title-Plus Service

Headlines That Grab Attention

... and content that 'makes the sale'. That has always been the marketing challenge and there are now new opportunities that make the job very much easier. The Internet is the place where potential customers are checking out possible suppliers. Blogs are the new vehicle to get on their radar screens and then have fruitful dialogues with your prospects and your customers. That is because the search engines give enhanced visibility to what appears in blogs.

Unfortunately another aspect of the Internet is that it is also easier for competitors to get their message across too. At times, the Internet can appear like the Tower of Babel with so many competing voices and messages. As your prospect looks over that sea of faces, how will you stand out?

That need to stand out from the crowd is the driving force for this new Blog Post Title-Plus Service. If you are listening to the same advice that others are getting, there could be a danger of writing the same old, same old articles that they are also producing. To stand out you must do something different from what everyone else is doing. What is needed is creativity so that you do something that is uniquely yours. This SMM service is customized just for you.

Contact us now to harness the creativity that you will see in the various blogs published by SMM. Check out any of the blogs below to see how we stand out from the crowd.

  • BPWrap - Internet Marketing from a global perspective - started March 2004
  • The Other Bloke's Blog - Business and Internet Marketing from a Canadian perspective - started February 2005
  • Senior Money Memos - Personal Finance from a senior perspective - started December 2008
  • StayGoLinks - the Mobile Web from a desktop perspective - started July 2006

The service is offered at a specially discounted price as a way of introducing you to what SMM can do for you. If you are having any problems in writing your first/next blog post, this is almost a no-brainer as a way of stimulating your creative juices.

Titles versus Headlines

Although the service is called a Title-Plus Service, it is not just about creating Titles. The Plus is what provides the unique value. We do the research and apply creativity to help you develop blog posts that will get visitor traffic and attention. We provide the basic elements you will need for that. In a way you are getting an extra creative member of your team for a short period of time.

The Title of a blog post is usually also the Headline but we prefer to use the term Title to make absolutely clear what is intended. The reason for this emphasis is that the Title is of critical importance in creating posts that will rank well in Google keyword searches. Since most blog posts will see the majority of their visitor traffic coming via keyword searches, it is important to think about search engines as well as human visitors in creating Titles that work well.

The blog post Title is the most critical element in whether a blog post performs well. The effort you put into understanding the topic and developing the best possible Title will be rewarded many times over. If you need any convincing on this, you may find some of the following SMM articles helpful:

Why Would I Need This SMM Title-Plus Service?

When you get to the details below, you will see that, although the cost is extremely modest, you get much more than just a title. This is a personalized service and you get unique content specifically created for you. Here are some of the reasons why you may find this service helpful from time to time.

  • I have writer's block on this topic.
  • I have a deadline and the ideas are not flowing.
  • I do not have the time to do any research on this.
  • I would like to have a different point of view on this topic.
  • This is an important post so fresh ideas would be helpful.

During an introductory period since the service is novel, a reduced fee applies. We reserve the right to increase the fee at any time without notice.

What the SMM Title-Plus Service gives you

The first part of the service involves Internet research to verify what has been written by others. The service provides you with the following by e-mail within at most 2 working days (Pacific Standard Time).

  • A suggested title for the post that is search-engine friendly
  • Where needed, an alternate version of the title suitable for re-tweeting
  • Where needed, an alternate version of the title suitable for a headline
  • When available, a possible way of treating the topic
  • Three URLs of relevant links for possible inclusion in the post

Ordering Your Title-Plus

The fee for the Title-Plus Service for a single blog post is $25 US. The first step is to make a payment of this amount via PayPal to You can use the button below for this.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal payments. It is a hassle-free process for you and us. You don�t even need a PayPal account. PayPal accepts payments in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen, New Zealand Dollars, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Danish Kroner, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Kroner, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, Israeli Shekels and Mexican Pesos.

Title-Plus Service
Fee - $ 25 US

After making the payment send us the information we need using the following form. You will receive by e-mail the Title-Plus information within at most two working days (Pacific Standard Time). The SMM Terms Of Service apply to all transactions to ensure equity to all parties.

SMM Blog Post Title-Plus Service Request
The more information you give us, the better we can answer your request.
First Name:
Last Name:
Email address *:
Blog URL
Topic *:
Important keywords:
* indicates you must provide these values.

If you are interested but are not sure how best to proceed, why not send us a quick message.

Revision as of April 30, 2010

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