Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View

What is the most important advice you have ever had? For me, a short sentence I heard many years ago would qualify. Peter Drucker, perhaps the wisest management consultant ever, coined the phrase shown in the image to the right almost 50 years ago. Continue reading “Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View”

How Is Google Like Attila

Attila the Hun on horseback by George S Stuart How can a major US corporation with a mantra of ‘Do No Evil’ have anything in common with an ancient emperor who was feared by all and known as ‘The Scourge Of God’. Of course, details are sketchy on the real nature of Attila the Hun.  However perhaps there may be more in this comparison than meets the eye. Continue reading “How Is Google Like Attila”

Focus, Focus, Focus or Zig Zag

Focus, focus, focus is a phrase I have repeated often over the years to help business people and entrepreneurs define their business strategy.  Peter Drucker coined the phrase more than fifty years ago and I still think it makes a lot of sense.  The ZigZag Principle is put forward by Rick Christiansen as an approach to starting up and growing a business successfully.  It was the sharp contrast between these two concepts that intrigued me enough to read Rick’s book. Continue reading “Focus, Focus, Focus or Zig Zag”