Should you drop Google Plus from your social media strategy

Do you spend enough time on social media? Are you using that time in the best possible way to get the most out of social media?

Johnny Wanamaker is supposedly the first retailer to have said that half of his advertising budget was wasted, but he did not know which half. When it comes to social media, it could well be that 90% of your budget is wasted … but which 90%. Continue reading “Should you drop Google Plus from your social media strategy”

Social Media Can be a Game Changer

social media interactionsSocial media has the power to bring people together, and it also has the power for businesses to keep in touch with customers to a degree never seen before. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more provide consultants and individuals the ability to share relevant information by providing links to informative articles. Continue reading “Social Media Can be a Game Changer”

Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

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Social media is the marketing strategy of the digital age. Between all the various social media platforms and options, it’s easy to get caught up in the marketing possibilities and lose focus. Here are a few tips on how you can tighten up your social media marketing campaigns and get the most use out of them. Continue reading “Making the Most of Social Media Marketing”

Three Simple Mistakes that Can Get Your Business Deleted from Facebook

This article is contributed by Travis Lee. If you don’t know how successful Facebook can be for business marketing, you probably don’t run a business. Millions of companies – from the most recognizable brands in the world to the smallest corner stores in the smallest communities – have flocked to Facebook in hopes of harnessing some of its magic. The direct line of communication that it creates between you and your customers and potential customers is invaluable. Continue reading “Three Simple Mistakes that Can Get Your Business Deleted from Facebook”

How Infographics Can Help You Grow Your Site

This article is contributed by Kay Winders. Infographics have become very popular in the last couple of years. They offer fun and interesting new ways to present useful information for your readers, and they can help you to grow your site in a number of ways. Whether you design your own infographics (or pay someone else to design them) or you just share infographics that others have created, infographics are a powerful tool to use on your site. Continue reading “How Infographics Can Help You Grow Your Site”

The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast

To a few, perhaps the name Pinterest is somewhat unknown.  This is basically an online social media website where you can create your own online photo albums or boards.   These are not your own pictures, but rather are images you may have seen as you wander around the Web.  Other people can see the images you are pinning on your boards.  If they like them, they may repin them to a board of their own.  It’s a very simple concept but seems to be taking the world by storm.  Some reasons for this are clear but there is an underlying reason which seems to have not been commented on but is much more fundamental. Continue reading “The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast”

Combine Social and Traditional Media to Build Your Brand

This article is contributed by Jordan Mendys. Many businesses have always relied on traditional ad placement and referrals to get business. There is nothing wrong with that, because it worked, but it also has the potential of being very costly. With the advent of social media, however, there has been a surge in the use of these platforms for marketing purposes. Simply using social media can help get your name out there, and can make you successful, but if you really want to turn it up a notch, don’t rule out integrating your attempts with traditional media production. Continue reading “Combine Social and Traditional Media to Build Your Brand”

Direct Response or Branding Advertising – which works better

In the US, eMarketer reports that online advertisers are tending to invest more money and time in branding advertisements than those advertisers in the same industries in the UK. Why is it that US advertisers are investing more in branding campaigns and less in direct response marketing? Continue reading “Direct Response or Branding Advertising – which works better”

Personal Marketing via LinkedIn

This article is contributed by Carlo Pandian.

While many businesses, professionals and freelancers have a LinkedIn profile not all of them are using LinkedIn to its full potential.  It’s an often overlooked social media and marketing tool, so if your LinkedIn profile is nothing more than a glorified resume or CV it may be worth another look. Continue reading “Personal Marketing via LinkedIn”