Promoting Your Small Business for Greater Impact with Blog Carnivals

carnival This article is contributed by Ken Myers. For the small business, promoting goods and services can be difficult at times when your budget only allows for so much spending. Although your website can offer a great deal of information, competition is great for nearly every niche. While you could spend a great deal of time and money in search engine optimization, there are other methods that could help generate interest in your business content. Continue reading “Promoting Your Small Business for Greater Impact with Blog Carnivals”

Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

town crier spreads the good news

This article is contributed by Alastair Kane.

Rising smartphone use means consumers now have near permanent online availability. As a result, encouraging them to connect with brands online, prompted by offline marketing cues (and vice versa), should be integral to marketing strategies.

A dual-sided marketing relationship, online marketing strategies (social media campaigns, e-casts, blogs, SEO and PPC campaigns etc) and offline strategies (advertisements in newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboard campaigns, perhaps even a town crier) must integrate to present a united brand front.

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Pricing Is The Last Thing The Customer Should Be Thinking About

google chromebook pixel Not surprisingly the first question everyone is asking about the Google Chromebook Pixel is Would you pay $1300 for a cloud-centric laptop? This is all about the launch of this impressive laptop that everyone is talking about. Continue reading “Pricing Is The Last Thing The Customer Should Be Thinking About”

Can You Use Other Companies Brand Names In Your AdWords Advertising

legal view on brand names This article is contributed by Andrew Lolk.

Through my years working with AdWords, I’ve received quite a few requests from business owners wanting to advertise with competitor names on AdWords. My reaction to this has always been one of compliance. But I’ve only complied after carefully educating my Clients on the dangers of using a competitor’s brand (product or company name) in AdWords.

In this post, you will learn when it’s illegal to use them (it rarely is) and what I’ve been explaining to my Clients throughout the years. Continue reading “Can You Use Other Companies Brand Names In Your AdWords Advertising”

Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View

What is the most important advice you have ever had? For me, a short sentence I heard many years ago would qualify. Peter Drucker, perhaps the wisest management consultant ever, coined the phrase shown in the image to the right almost 50 years ago. Continue reading “Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View”

Customer Service In The Twitter Age

This article first appeared in December 2007 but its content is timeless. People talk about customer service almost as much as they do about the weather. In both cases you might feel that not enough is being done about it. Continue reading “Customer Service In The Twitter Age”

How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs

This article is contributed by Theresa Moyer. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to market your writing style, blog and products. A great number of savvy bloggers prefer churning out guest posts to top blogs in their target niche in order to reap more traffic. However, reaching out to bloggers to get guest posts can be a bit difficult when you try doing it. The main reason, most probably, is top bloggers receive a huge number of requests every day and therefore approve only the best ones. Continue reading “How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs”

Three Simple Mistakes that Can Get Your Business Deleted from Facebook

This article is contributed by Travis Lee. If you don’t know how successful Facebook can be for business marketing, you probably don’t run a business. Millions of companies – from the most recognizable brands in the world to the smallest corner stores in the smallest communities – have flocked to Facebook in hopes of harnessing some of its magic. The direct line of communication that it creates between you and your customers and potential customers is invaluable. Continue reading “Three Simple Mistakes that Can Get Your Business Deleted from Facebook”

How Infographics Can Help You Grow Your Site

This article is contributed by Kay Winders. Infographics have become very popular in the last couple of years. They offer fun and interesting new ways to present useful information for your readers, and they can help you to grow your site in a number of ways. Whether you design your own infographics (or pay someone else to design them) or you just share infographics that others have created, infographics are a powerful tool to use on your site. Continue reading “How Infographics Can Help You Grow Your Site”

Company Name Analysis using SWOT

This article first appeared in May 2004 and is here reproduced with minor revisions.

Choosing the company name is one of the most important strategic decisions in the life of a company. A SWOT analysis is used to analyze strategic decisions, particularly comparing with the competition. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Unless you do a SWOT analysis to examine your company strategy versus the competition, then you’re like the simple, trusting child walking through the dark woods and whistling to keep away the hobgoblins. Equally your company name analysis should check the SWOT implications.

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The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast

To a few, perhaps the name Pinterest is somewhat unknown.  This is basically an online social media website where you can create your own online photo albums or boards.   These are not your own pictures, but rather are images you may have seen as you wander around the Web.  Other people can see the images you are pinning on your boards.  If they like them, they may repin them to a board of their own.  It’s a very simple concept but seems to be taking the world by storm.  Some reasons for this are clear but there is an underlying reason which seems to have not been commented on but is much more fundamental. Continue reading “The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast”

Internet Marketing Is Going Mobile Around The World

This article is by a guest contributor. South Korea, France, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are leading the world in Internet usage. Experts expect Internet marketing to be a huge priority in these countries and are watching these top five countries to determine the new trends in Internet marketing and online business. Continue reading “Internet Marketing Is Going Mobile Around The World”

Direct Response or Branding Advertising – which works better

In the US, eMarketer reports that online advertisers are tending to invest more money and time in branding advertisements than those advertisers in the same industries in the UK. Why is it that US advertisers are investing more in branding campaigns and less in direct response marketing? Continue reading “Direct Response or Branding Advertising – which works better”

International Business Courses: An Investment Every Marketer Should Consider

This article is contributed by Melissa Miller. Anyone who has dabbled in marketing even a bit knows that the ultimate goal of the marketer is to help his or her respective company thrive and appeal to its target audience. By effectively presenting the organization’s specific goals, initiatives, services and products, the marketing department will hopefully maintain and expand the business’s reach. However, like it has with so many things, the digital revolution is changing the name of the game. Continue reading “International Business Courses: An Investment Every Marketer Should Consider”

College students love to shop … online

This article is contributed by Samantha Gray

Although college students don’t have a lot of disposable income, they still love to shop. Items most purchased by twenty-something’s include food, clothing and shoes, textbooks, electronics and entertainment products.

Even though a college student’s buying power isn’t so great while in college, businesses are wise to do their best to please this consumer group from the outset. After all, a poor college student will eventually become an employed adult with a strong income stream. Continue reading “College students love to shop … online”

Social Media Marketing to Millennials: Do’s and Don’ts

This article is contributed by Angelita Williams.

Millennials are young consumers that roughly fall between the ages of 18 and 29. They’re just getting out of college (some are still in school) but one thing is certain: they have a $170 billion per year purchasing power. Thus, this age demographic really needs your attention. However, marketing to millennials can be a little tricky—they can easily get turned off by the tiniest slip up. To ensure that your efforts to market to millennials on social media sites don’t go to waste, follow these tips below. Continue reading “Social Media Marketing to Millennials: Do’s and Don’ts”

Personal Marketing via LinkedIn

This article is contributed by Carlo Pandian.

While many businesses, professionals and freelancers have a LinkedIn profile not all of them are using LinkedIn to its full potential.  It’s an often overlooked social media and marketing tool, so if your LinkedIn profile is nothing more than a glorified resume or CV it may be worth another look. Continue reading “Personal Marketing via LinkedIn”

Reputations Are Easily Damaged

The dictionary gives us two definitions of the word, reputation.

  • overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general
  • a place in public esteem or regard : good name

It’s a word that’s been around since the 14th century.  It’s almost synonymous now with a word we hear a great deal about. Continue reading “Reputations Are Easily Damaged”