Google Contributor is now live almost

contributor adYou may have noticed in the sidebar a small advertisement that looks like the image to the right. This is for Google Contributor which has now gone live after running for a time on an invitation basis to certain publishers.

We received notice of this via the AdSense newsletter on November 5. It certainly would be handy to be receiving more revenue as a result of this initiative. Continue reading “Google Contributor is now live almost”

Lollipop arrives on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Telus in Canada

Screenshot lollipopI am most pleased to confirm that the Android upgrade labelled Lollipop is now available in Canada as you can see from the image to the right. The upgrade went surprisingly smoothly and seems to operate without any glitches so far.

This upgrade is as seen on my Telus Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and as you will see is version 5.0.1. It uses material design concepts and is very pleasing to the eye.

The Hummingbird Algorithm Struck on September 4, 2013

hummingbirdGoogle has been operating its Search process for some 15 years and you might imagine that justified a party. You would be right but apparently not everyone is celebrating. It’s all because of that Google menagerie. Pandas, Penguins … and now we have a hummingbird. Continue reading “The Hummingbird Algorithm Struck on September 4, 2013”

Disorganize Your Gmail And Double Your Productivity

adding to the haystack High productivity is normally associated with organization. That is why most people would be very comfortable with Mike Munter’s suggestion that it is best to be organizing your Gmail Inbox for high productivity. You will find that same thinking in other posts by Lifehacker and Mediacurrent on how you can use Gmail most efficiently. In this post you will find advice which goes completely in the opposite direction. It will probably also go against your natural inclination when you try to be more efficient. However if you are willing to take the risk that your e-mail efficiency can be doubled, then you may be willing to try out an approach which at first sight seems completely illogical. What we are suggesting is to leave all those e-mail messages in a great messy pile, a veritable haystack, and rely on Google search when you are looking for a needle. Continue reading “Disorganize Your Gmail And Double Your Productivity”

Should You Stop Accepting Guest Posts

guest post author This article is contributed by Thomas McMahon. It’s no trade secret that guest posting is a favorite technique of link builders and SEOs around the globe. This has made the inboxes of webmasters and editors who accept these outside contributions flood to the point of bursting, and has created thousands of sites that feature poorly written guest posts that are stuffed with links. Continue reading “Should You Stop Accepting Guest Posts”

Pricing Is The Last Thing The Customer Should Be Thinking About

google chromebook pixel Not surprisingly the first question everyone is asking about the Google Chromebook Pixel is Would you pay $1300 for a cloud-centric laptop? This is all about the launch of this impressive laptop that everyone is talking about. Continue reading “Pricing Is The Last Thing The Customer Should Be Thinking About”

Can You Use Other Companies Brand Names In Your AdWords Advertising

legal view on brand names This article is contributed by Andrew Lolk.

Through my years working with AdWords, I’ve received quite a few requests from business owners wanting to advertise with competitor names on AdWords. My reaction to this has always been one of compliance. But I’ve only complied after carefully educating my Clients on the dangers of using a competitor’s brand (product or company name) in AdWords.

In this post, you will learn when it’s illegal to use them (it rarely is) and what I’ve been explaining to my Clients throughout the years. Continue reading “Can You Use Other Companies Brand Names In Your AdWords Advertising”

Authors, Google May Be Looking For You

author at work You may have noticed that there are many more visible authors on the Internet. In many search results, Google shows a small picture of the author to the left of the small snippet that describes the content. It seems likely that Google is putting much more emphasis on the author of a given Web page in deciding whether this is likely to be a quality article that deserves a higher ranking. Apparently the concept involves the notion of an Author Rank. This is likely to be the hot topic in search for 2013. Here we will describe what is involved in that concept and you will find at the very end of this post a really puzzling question that arises on this. Continue reading “Authors, Google May Be Looking For You”

How Is Google Like Attila

Attila the Hun on horseback by George S Stuart How can a major US corporation with a mantra of ‘Do No Evil’ have anything in common with an ancient emperor who was feared by all and known as ‘The Scourge Of God’. Of course, details are sketchy on the real nature of Attila the Hun.  However perhaps there may be more in this comparison than meets the eye. Continue reading “How Is Google Like Attila”

Three Power Tips For Gmail Ninjas

ninja If like me you are a Gmail enthusiast, you are probably finding it can improve your productivity considerably.  A recent article by PCmag offers some Best Practices for Gmail in order to to Get Organized.  The article is a good rundown on the use of labels but does not offer much that is new.  Nevertheless its advice that most email messages should be archived in the abundant storage space that Gmail provides rather than being deleted is excellent. Continue reading “Three Power Tips For Gmail Ninjas”

Google Type 3 Error – The Unnatural Link Algorithm

Type 1 and Type 2 Errors

Type 1 and Type 2 Errors may be something you vaguely remember from statistics courses but few people really know what the terms mean.  If you turn to Wikipedia hoping for some clarification on Type 1 and Type 2 Errors, then you are in for a disappointment.  It starts off with a clear warning:
This article may be too technical for most readers to understand.
Continue reading “Google Type 3 Error – The Unnatural Link Algorithm”

Link Building: Fuel for Your Website

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo. Once you have built a search engine optimized (SEO) website, your focus should turn to link building. By building links into your website from other sites you will increase your site’s visibility, PageRank, and SEO. Every link you build has the potential to feed new traffic to your site while increasing your credibility with the search engines. Continue reading “Link Building: Fuel for Your Website”

Windows Phone: A Weak Name For The Microsoft Smartphone

As I pointed out in a post on Technorati, Microsoft Smartphones Really Should Sell Better.  That also seems to be the view of the Microsoft board which reduced the bonus of the  CEO Steve Ballmer partly based on weakened smartphone sales. Continue reading “Windows Phone: A Weak Name For The Microsoft Smartphone”