Use a Mastermind Alliance or Group for Success – Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield introduces the concept of Mastermind Groups in this video and more details on Napoleon Hill’s original idea are included.

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, introduces the Mastermind Group concept in the video which appears below. He introduces this video with the following quote:

One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people is called the mastermind group. When we come together as a group, we know more and can focus more energy than any one of us can alone. Creating a mastermind group is easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.
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Social Media Can be a Game Changer

social media interactionsSocial media has the power to bring people together, and it also has the power for businesses to keep in touch with customers to a degree never seen before. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more provide consultants and individuals the ability to share relevant information by providing links to informative articles. Continue reading “Social Media Can be a Game Changer”

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the power mobile

samsung galaxy note 4Most people probably look for a smart phone that is not too bulky and does the job for them. Provided it helps them stay in touch with the world and allows them to check on topics of interest, then that is all they demand. For such people the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 represents serious overkill.

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How To Think Even Better

thinkingThis is an updated version of an article, which originally appeared in 2002. Most of the original thinking and the quoted resources are still very relevant to this day.

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Businesses Achieve Success by Using Proper Documentation

procedures filingYour business needs to remain productive while dealing with personnel and external factors. This can be accomplished by being proactive. Businesses should gather proper documentation and set up an organizational system that is readily available. Proper documentation can assure the success of your company. Long-term goals can still be reached during challenging times. Continue reading “Businesses Achieve Success by Using Proper Documentation”

6 Ways You Can Stay Away From Danger While You’re At Work

watch your handsThis article is contributed by Robin Peters.

We’re lucky we have certain rules in place otherwise a lot more people would die every year from work-related injuries. Maybe you won’t die when you’re at work but there is every chance you could get hurt, so let’s look at a few ways you can look after yourself properly from now on.

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Powerful Business Tips From The Top Business Role Models

This article is contributed by Evan Thomas.

learning from the pros If you are interested in business today, then there’s a good chance that that interest was initially ‘piqued’ by one of the many business ‘superstars’ that so often grace our headlines.

While business takes all sorts, there are undoubtedly some characters that have managed to rise above the rest and that have become heroes to many aspiring entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world.

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Life Is Always A Work In Progress

Darren Rowse really hit the nail on the head for me in his post today, When Not Completing Things Might Be Good For Your Blogopen door to success.  He suggested the most fruitful reaction when completing a task, a project or a presentation is always to look for ways of doing it better next time. By all means have pleasure in what you have accomplished but never close the door on new possibilities that may be just around the corner given where you have arrived at. Clearly he has been very successful with his approach to life so it’s certainly something worth considering. Photo credit: open door to success image courtesy of Naypong via
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Corporate Events Security: Getting One Step Ahead Of Threats

security monitoringThis article is contributed by Debra Wright. When hosting a corporate event, whether it’s a product launch, holiday party, or charity dinner, the primary goal of organisers is always to ensure that guests and clients enjoy their time and develop a positive perception towards the company. Special events, after all, are an important marketing strategy that allow a company to establish their position in the industry and form new partnerships with clients, which is why thorough planning is a must. Continue reading “Corporate Events Security: Getting One Step Ahead Of Threats”

Disorganize Your Gmail And Double Your Productivity

adding to the haystack High productivity is normally associated with organization. That is why most people would be very comfortable with Mike Munter’s suggestion that it is best to be organizing your Gmail Inbox for high productivity. You will find that same thinking in other posts by Lifehacker and Mediacurrent on how you can use Gmail most efficiently. In this post you will find advice which goes completely in the opposite direction. It will probably also go against your natural inclination when you try to be more efficient. However if you are willing to take the risk that your e-mail efficiency can be doubled, then you may be willing to try out an approach which at first sight seems completely illogical. What we are suggesting is to leave all those e-mail messages in a great messy pile, a veritable haystack, and rely on Google search when you are looking for a needle. Continue reading “Disorganize Your Gmail And Double Your Productivity”

The Perfect Marriage Approach To Selecting The Very Best Guest Blog Post Offers

The current best advice on getting your blog to be visible in search engines is to add high-quality content. You may find that situation a little daunting but Matt Cutts has now confirmed Google’s view on guest blogging. In his video response, Matt encourages “high quality” posting and identifies a high quality guest post as content “coming from someone who writes really well and has something to say.”

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Authors, Google May Be Looking For You

author at work You may have noticed that there are many more visible authors on the Internet. In many search results, Google shows a small picture of the author to the left of the small snippet that describes the content. It seems likely that Google is putting much more emphasis on the author of a given Web page in deciding whether this is likely to be a quality article that deserves a higher ranking. Apparently the concept involves the notion of an Author Rank. This is likely to be the hot topic in search for 2013. Here we will describe what is involved in that concept and you will find at the very end of this post a really puzzling question that arises on this. Continue reading “Authors, Google May Be Looking For You”

Guessing The Future – Provocation Sparks Creativity

light bulb comes on At the start of a new year, it is almost inevitable that you will try to guess how the future will evolve.  It is also well known that forecasting is dangerous and most often wrong.  How can you guess what surprises may be ahead of you?  Perhaps the best advice is to generate as many ideas as you can so that you maximize the chance that at least one of these ideas will be close to what develops. Continue reading “Guessing The Future – Provocation Sparks Creativity”

Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View

help is defined by the recipient What is the most important advice you have ever had? For me, a short sentence I heard many years ago would qualify. Peter Drucker, perhaps the wisest management consultant ever, coined the phrase shown in the image to the right almost 50 years ago. Continue reading “Help and Seeing from the Other Point of View”

International Business Courses: An Investment Every Marketer Should Consider

This article is contributed by Melissa Miller. Anyone who has dabbled in marketing even a bit knows that the ultimate goal of the marketer is to help his or her respective company thrive and appeal to its target audience. By effectively presenting the organization’s specific goals, initiatives, services and products, the marketing department will hopefully maintain and expand the business’s reach. However, like it has with so many things, the digital revolution is changing the name of the game. Continue reading “International Business Courses: An Investment Every Marketer Should Consider”

4 Tips for Continuing your Education while Running a Business

This article is contributed by Maria Rainier. In today’s hyper-competitive world, staying on top of all the latest trends and developments in the world of business is an absolute must. Many entrepreneurs will run a business doing only what they know how to do, and, as such, they become stuck in outdated marketing and strategic methods. One way to counter being stuck in his type of rut is to continue your business education. Continue reading “4 Tips for Continuing your Education while Running a Business”

Avoid burnout and defeat job fatigue

This article is contributed by Amelia Wood.

Today I’d like to offer some words of wisdom to those of you who find yourself struggling against the cynicism and defeatist mentality that dogs you on the job day in and day out. I’m talking about the readers out there suffering from fatigue brought on by hard economic times and seemingly insurmountable life obstacles. I’ve been there and I feel your pain. Continue reading “Avoid burnout and defeat job fatigue”