Five Web Design Blog Posts To Help Your Business Succeed

home pageThe design of a business’s website can have a direct impact on its success. To compete in the digital market, a small business needs to have a website that is relevant and up-to-date which also incorporates the latest developments in web design. To start assessing what you need to do to your website to get it up to speed with your competition, read these five blog posts for guidance. Continue reading “Five Web Design Blog Posts To Help Your Business Succeed”

Life Is Always A Work In Progress

Darren Rowse really hit the nail on the head for me in his post today, When Not Completing Things Might Be Good For Your Blogopen door to success.  He suggested the most fruitful reaction when completing a task, a project or a presentation is always to look for ways of doing it better next time. By all means have pleasure in what you have accomplished but never close the door on new possibilities that may be just around the corner given where you have arrived at. Clearly he has been very successful with his approach to life so it’s certainly something worth considering. Photo credit: open door to success image courtesy of Naypong via
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The Perfect Marriage Approach To Selecting The Very Best Guest Blog Post Offers

The current best advice on getting your blog to be visible in search engines is to add high-quality content. You may find that situation a little daunting but Matt Cutts has now confirmed Google’s view on guest blogging. In his video response, Matt encourages “high quality” posting and identifies a high quality guest post as content “coming from someone who writes really well and has something to say.”

This advice has been widely circulated so that now we have a problem of ’embarrass de richesse’, or in other words an embarrassing surplus of riches. In this post you will find a method of selecting the very best posts from the many guest author requests you may be receiving. Continue reading “The Perfect Marriage Approach To Selecting The Very Best Guest Blog Post Offers”

Should You Stop Accepting Guest Posts

guest post author This article is contributed by Thomas McMahon. It’s no trade secret that guest posting is a favorite technique of link builders and SEOs around the globe. This has made the inboxes of webmasters and editors who accept these outside contributions flood to the point of bursting, and has created thousands of sites that feature poorly written guest posts that are stuffed with links. Continue reading “Should You Stop Accepting Guest Posts”

Promoting Your Small Business for Greater Impact with Blog Carnivals

carnival This article is contributed by Ken Myers. For the small business, promoting goods and services can be difficult at times when your budget only allows for so much spending. Although your website can offer a great deal of information, competition is great for nearly every niche. While you could spend a great deal of time and money in search engine optimization, there are other methods that could help generate interest in your business content. Continue reading “Promoting Your Small Business for Greater Impact with Blog Carnivals”

How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs

This article is contributed by Theresa Moyer. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to market your writing style, blog and products. A great number of savvy bloggers prefer churning out guest posts to top blogs in their target niche in order to reap more traffic. However, reaching out to bloggers to get guest posts can be a bit difficult when you try doing it. The main reason, most probably, is top bloggers receive a huge number of requests every day and therefore approve only the best ones. Continue reading “How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs”