think with Google gives guidance on how shoppers find ideas and inspiration

think with Google is a website that gives up-to-the-minute information to help Internet marketers improve their performance in connecting with customers.

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The Internet is a rapidly changing scene at all times. That can produce particular challenges when you are involved with Internet Marketing. One useful source of ideas on what you should be doing is provided by Google, who are clearly an important force in how the Internet is evolving.

I was particularly intrigued at the latest issue of the “think with Google” newsletter. It discusses “How shoppers find ideas and inspiration”

Today’s super empowered consumer knows they can research anything they need or want online. But while people are still searching for specific products, they are increasingly turning to search before they even figure out what to buy. Ultimately, they are looking for ideas and inspiration.
The information is summarized in a striking infographic. Here are some of the key items included in that.

Looking for ideas
To help kickstart their shopping journey, people are the literarily searching for ideas. Searches for “ideas” on mobile have grown over 55% in the past two years. Mobile watch time of YouTube videos with “ideas” in the title have grown over 135% in the past two years.

Making a list
Tapping into others’ ideas provides pre-vetted inspiration. Mobile searches for shopping lists have grown over 150% in the past two years. Searches for “outfits for” increased by over 55% in the past two years.

Finding a brand
Sometimes people know what they want, but they need ideas for which brand to buy. Mobile searches containing the word quotes brands” have grown over 80% in the past two years. Mobile searches for “top or best _____ brands” have grown over 95% in the past two years.

Here is how a section of the infographic sets out these issues:

google infographic on mobile clients

The “think with Google” website, Canadian version, includes a number of sections that promise to:

  • Data, insights, research, and tools.
  • Designed to educate.
  • Made to inspire.
As is mentioned, Canadians are making decisions faster than ever before. See how you can be a part of those split-second considerations.
Micro-Moments Now: Why expectations for “right now” are on the rise in Canada.
It has a section on the Latest trends and stories.

It encourages you to take a deeper dive on the following topics:
Marketing Resources
  • Content Marketing
  • Data & Measurement
  • Programmatic Advertising
Advertising Channels
  • Mobile
  • Search
  • Video
Consumer Insights

It also offers Tools for marketers:

Google Trends
Use real-time search data to help you gauge consumer search behaviors.

Test My Site
Most mobile sites lose half of their visitors while loading. See your site’s speed—and get tips on how to make it faster.

Consumer Barometer
Explore the role of online sources in the journey from consideration to purchase.

Display Benchmarks
Pull up-to-date industry bench marks for your display campaigns.

You can be assured that Google is providing the most authoritative view on what matters in Internet marketing. You would be well advised to stay in touch and think with Google.

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