Do potential customers find your competitors before they find you

Local online visibility is important so that prospective customers find you ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing
Increasingly your potential customers are now using their smartphone to find someone on the Internet who can meet their needs. Will they find you or one of your competitors?

The image below is how Eugene Aronsky & Moshe Zchut portray the way Digital Marketing works.  It is important to realize that the online world is continually changing. You should put your efforts into those social media or search engines that currently interest your potential customers.

Digital Marketing
This is something that you can explore and research yourself. If you wish to do your own analysis, the following reading list gives useful guidance on how efforts can be applied:

  1. Understand Your Competitors
  2. 10 Tips on How to Research Your Competition
  3. 5 Ways to Research Your Potential Customers
  4. 5 Ways To Use The Internet To Get Customers
  5. 5 Ways to Improve Local Visibility Online
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  9. What To Blog For A Small Local Business
If you find that all a little daunting, why not contact us for help in improving your local visibility online versus your competitors. It is always good to get a second impartial opinion. We can provide exactly that at a very modest cost. Click here to check out our Local Online Visibility Review.

Once you have assessed the online competitive situation, Neil Patel has some thoughts on which marketing channel you should focus on. He suggests that focusing on the wrong marketing channel can set you back months and maybe even years.

In summary his advice is as follows:
Resist the urge to diversify. Put your energy into one strategy until it succeeds. Then, piggyback on that success to achieve wins in other areas.
  • Step #1: Know your options
  • Step #2: Choose the channels aligned with your business goals
  • Step #3: Narrow down the list by going where your audience is
As long as you keep experimenting and tweaking your strategy based on your results, you’ll have a significant advantage over your competitors.
His article has a great deal of detailed information on how to apply this approach and it is worth spending some time reading it.

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