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Gillette has long set the standard in shaving but now competitors like the Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are cutting into their domain.

gilette close shave
If you are not certain how to get the best close shave, then you may find the following web page instructive. It explains how to get a close shave and why more blades can help. That is the Gillette story and here is a video which explains the science behind their statement.

Gillette is based in Boston Massachusetts and an article in today’s Boston Globe suggests that the razor wars have begun and somebody’s going to get hurt. For decades, Gillette has defined shaving. But now upstarts like Harry’s may be doing more than getting under its skin.

Gillette’s 40-ish-acre campus sits on the same ground where in 1903 traveling salesman (and then Brookline resident) King Camp Gillette manufactured the first razor blades meant to be thrown away, and thus turned face pruning into a mass business.

Then in 2012 along came the Dollar Shave Club. In the following video, Dollar Shave Club cofounder Michael Dubin explains what they are all about and this video has now been viewed nearly 25 million times.

Now we have Harry’s – who say they are the Shaving Company That’s Fixing Shaving. Their strongest claim seems to be that their founders, Jeff and Andy, are just like everyone else. They put their pants on one leg at a time, they need to shave, and they don’t want to pay too much for high quality and good design. Here is their video where they describe what they are offering.

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