How To Turn a Negative Customer Service Experience Into A Win

customer service wins
When it comes to customer success horror stories, we have all had our fair share of them. It’s an unfortunate event, usually not someone’s intentional fault, but a negative customer service experience is often a blessing in disguise. Today we are going to share with you how you can take an angry, unhappy, and dissatisfied customer and turn them into one of your greatest advocates.

It’s An Opportunity To Fix What Is Broken

It’s easy to see the negative in a bad customer service experience, but this is where the situation can shine. You see, if you never had customers telling you about their issues with your product, their problems with your sign up forms, or their difficulties with the way your services work, then you will never have that direct, essential, and honest feedback. So instead of looking at customer complaints as a bad thing, look at them as an opportunity to find the issues within your business and its operations, and get them fixed right away.

Discover Exactly What The Customer Wants To Make Them Happy

The saying that the customer is always right does indeed hold some merit. And to ensure that you do make them happy, you first need to find out what that happiness looks like. You need to straight up ask them what is the exact solution that they are looking for.

If you don’t ask, in a direct manner, you could be running around trying to figure out a solution that in your mind is not the solution that the customer is looking for. So instead of wasting your time, as well as the customers, dig deep, ask a ton of questions, and get to what the solution looks like.

Summarize What Was Said

Nothing is worse than miscommunication and misunderstanding. That is why after you have your conversation with your customer, you need to go over exactly what had spoken about and reiterate the solutions that you had put in place. When this happens, you still have a connection to the customer, as they are still on the phone with you or standing in front of you. There is still a chance to salvage this opportunity to get back in the customers good books by going over the solutions you mentioned. Otherwise, there is nothing that can be worse than going away from each other, and then days or weeks later, the customer sitting there wondering when, if, and how their issue will be solved.

Stay And Be Positive No Matter What

It can, of course, get pretty deflating having a customer in front of you or on the phone yelling at you for issues that they may have experienced. The thing to remember though is what we have discussed earlier in this article. And that is the fact that this situation can get better.

When you keep your cool, remain positive, and focused on finding a resolution, you give yourself an opportunity to turn it into a salvageable situation. If you on the hand, are argumentative, unresponsive, or negative, then you have pretty much already set yourself up for failure.

Always Say Please And Thank You

As you just read, being positive can only do good things for you. If you want to make sure you have a winning chance, saying please and thank you
to your customer at the right times of the discussion can diffuse the situation even more. It will give the customer a sense of care and attention, you will appear to want to help and find a solution genuinely. This relaxes the customer and lets them know that you are on their side and there to work with them instead of against them to solve whatever it is they are facing.


No matter what the situation, customer service is an integral part of the business process. Without customers, there is no business, so ensure that you take care of those who give you work with respect and integrity. There are always opportunities to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive event when you understand why it turned negative in the beginning. Taking initiative to fix the situation will allow you to nurture your customers and your leads to understanding them better, what their needs are, and what makes them happy.

Author Bio: Arash Asli is the CEO of and Business in Vancouver Top 40 under 40.

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