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If you are like me, you care about your online footprint and you are aware of how you as an individual are seen online and the ramifications this could have on your brand, your job, and even your personal relationships.

Poor PR online could cost you, lead to embarrassing situations, broken contracts and even legal consequences. In our industry, we see it every day.

Increasing Importance of Search Reputation Management

As the internet evolves we are definitely seeing an increase in online reputation issues. In 2016, we’re going to witness an onslaught of apps that will be available to directly moderate search reputation and provide online reputation management. Therefore, it’s getting more important to know which tools can help, and who to turn to when you are in over your head. There are a few nifty tools that can help you along the way, many of them are free, and may help alert you to the fact that you need help from professionals who specialize in reverse SEO.

Google Alerts

First of all, you can create Google alerts by name, brand name, industry keywords, etc. This will help you stay informed and have an active listening channel. In PR, branding, and for CMOs, this is a non-negotiable activity. For individuals covering all of their bases, it’s exactly the same thing. Everyone should know how to use alerts, it should be as basic as search.

Icerocket for Social Filtered Search

Consider using Icerocket to filter your instant social searches, that is Twitter, Facebook and blogs especially. This no-login required tool has advanced filter options that allow for really customized and targeted searches.

Social Mention

Social mention is a tool I really like a lot. In addition to being free, and giving info about queries, the dashboard goes into some specifics about top keywords, sentiment analysis (positive, neutral or negative) and even top influencers (sources, hashtags, users). This provides a complete overlook to generate a quick summary of a brand’s online reputation, and where it may require work.


Topsy does pretty much the same thing, but focused on Twitter. This is ideal if you are a B2B company and are active on Twitter (who isn’t?). The deal here is it’s more powerful yet than Twitter’s native search with more options. This is definitely not a tool you should miss out on. With the rise of influencer marketing, use Topsy or Klout to easily find influencers in different areas related to industry keywords.

Monitoring Dashboards

For a more professional paid reputation dashboard, I’d recommend either Trackur or Reputology. Increasingly we are going to see these SaaS dashboards and automation suites that specialize in online reputation monitoring. Reputology is more aimed at consumer feedback analytics, while Trackur gives you up to 50 keywords you can track.

Online Search Engine Management Services

Finally, when you can see issues in real-time that need to be fixed as soon as possible, you need somewhere to turn. So once you see a need to go further, it’s likely you have a serious issue on your hands that’s influencing your online reputation, has the potential to hurt sales, or worse. What I personally recommend is a professional grade firm that deals with internet reputation management services as their specialty. Looking at the big picture, and after you take a few deep breaths, realize that this is a high ROI for your brand, your name and possibly may be the ultimate decider in whether you can maintain the status quo and retain what you have worked so hard to build.

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