Five Web Design Blog Posts To Help Your Business Succeed

home pageThe design of a business’s website can have a direct impact on its success. To compete in the digital market, a small business needs to have a website that is relevant and up-to-date which also incorporates the latest developments in web design. To start assessing what you need to do to your website to get it up to speed with your competition, read these five blog posts for guidance.
  1. The Top 3 Ways Your Website is Directly Impacting Your Business  explains how website design impacts on business success. This blog concentrates on the three main elements of your business’s website that you need to get correct if you want to get your website to act as your number one point of lead generation.
  2. On Slashdot, Let’s forget some of the web designing trends and adopt the new ones in 2015 lists the website design trends that we need to move on from. This blog explains that past web design trends, such as ribbons and unauthentic stock photography, are best forgotten. Instead, businesses should adopt some of the new, fresh web design concepts that are out there.
  3. Business Blogs Hub includes The 7 Deciding Factors of DIY Vs. Custom Website Design. Part One: Budget, which examines a common choice faced by many new businesses that may be budget conscious; whether to contract a website design company to build a custom website or whether to make the website on their own using DIY software. This blog sets out both the advantages and disadvantages of custom website design and of DIY website design.
  4. DesignCoral features a useful blog on 3 Ways to Adjust Your SEO Strategy for Mobile and Local Search. It is anticipated that by the end of 2015, searches done on mobile devices will eclipse those on desktop computers. It is critical then that business owners develop a strategy for local and mobile search now, before their competition. The blog details the main ways your business can target the traffic growth in mobile and local search.
  5. TechKoW features a helpful blog on 7 Ways to Achieve a Great ‘About Us’ Web Page Design. The ‘About Us’ page receives the second highest amount of traffic behind a homepage. Prospective customers are usually curious about the individuals behind a company that they’re looking at doing business with. A company’s ‘About Us’ page is where prospective customers visit to assess your credibility. This post provides pointers on how to design an About Us page that will leave a positive impression.
In this day and age, the success of a business has a lot to do with how their website looks and functions. To make sure your website isn’t left behind in favor of your competition, take heed of the suggestions put forward in these blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Five Web Design Blog Posts To Help Your Business Succeed”

  1. “The design of a business’s website can have a direct impact on its success.” – I totally agree. That’s why web development is such an important aspect in creating and promoting a site, because aesthetics pull visitors aside from quality content.

  2. Thanks Barry for sharing 5 best post related to web design. Web design, Its layout, its about us page, its navigation, color scheme & menu all very important for business website to make it successful on internet. blog related to about us page is also informative.

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