Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the power mobile

samsung galaxy note 4Most people probably look for a smart phone that is not too bulky and does the job for them. Provided it helps them stay in touch with the world and allows them to check on topics of interest, then that is all they demand. For such people the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 represents serious overkill.

If you are willing to see that mobile device as your way of working when on the move, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is certainly for you.
When stationary in your office you of course can use your PC. When on the move, then you should be able to switch to your mobile device. I certainly find the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ideal to do just that.  If anything, the Note 4 is even more powerful than my PC.  That is hardly surprising given the adulation that has been showered on the Note 4 since its launch. Here are just two examples.  Here is how The Register commented:

At the end of the day if you want a phablet, then the Galaxy Note is still as much the one to own as it was back at the end of 2011. was even more effusive.

Samsung came out guns blazing in late-2014 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a truly phenomenal powerhouse of a device. As phablets go, the Note 4 is the unabashed KING of the now-common large form smartphones.

 After some months of working with the Note 4, I can confirm the truth of these reviews. With any Android device there are almost an infinity of ways the device can be used. Here I will give you an overview of how my own mobile device is set up.

This will be done with a series of screenshots. In each case I will give sufficient information to allow you to create a similar screen if you should so wish. I could not be more enthusiastic about how well this powerful mobile works.

Starting with the Lock Screen

When you open the phone, the lock screen shown below is what you will see. The top section is personal data that I chose to have there. Below that is the keypad wherein I can insert my PIN to unlock the phone.

sgn4 lock screen The phone symbol allows me to call any of my ICE (in case of emergency) contacts by swiping updates on that symbol.  The camera symbol on the right allows me to activate the camera by swiping upwards on it. Both are available without unlocking the phone.

Once you click on the PIN, you then have full access to all the phone features. I have chosen to use the Nova Launcher which is a free app. This allows four screens on which functions or apps can be displayed and gives a choice of the horizontal scrolling transition between them..

Home screen for the most used apps

The screen below is one on which I spend almost 95% of my time. All four screens are equally available by scrolling sideways. However I have chosen this particular screen as my main working space.

sgn4 screen 1Each screen can display both icons for apps and widgets. The five icons along the bottom are displayed on all of the four available screens.  The icon at the bottom right is for the Apps Drawer where access is available to all the other apps where a screen shortcut is not available.

Left screen for some important tools

From the Home Screen, you can reach the screen shown below by scrolling left. This includes many of the tools I use when working on the Note 4. Many of them will be familiar to most readers. I use Google tools extensively and several of them are shown here. sgn4 screen 4The following apps in the screen above are worthy of special mention.
  • WiFi File Transfer – This allows transfers via WiFi from the phone to my desktop PC.
  • OneTap – This is a new Canadian app that handles the phone while the driver is driving and thus avoids distractions.
  • Wolfram Alpha – This is a rather sophisticated search software.

News and entertainment screen

By scrolling right  from the Home Screen, you arrive at the screen shown below. sgn4 screen 2The widget at the top shows summary data from the Samsung Health App. The widget below that shows the times in two locations. It is very easy to change these locations if that is required. The icons below represent various news and entertainment sites.

Banking and other useful apps

By scrolling right again, you arrive at the screen shown below. This includes a number of social media sites and financial sites.

sgn4 screen 3

Continually tuning the performance machine

The screenshots you have seen show how the phone was arranged at one point in time. I am continually reviewing how often any given app is used. This may mean that it is taken off one of these pages and kept only in the app drawer, which is accessed by the icon at the bottom right of each of the screens. In some cases the app may be uninstalled where it has not proved to be useful. The universe of android apps is continually growing so it is always worth checking whether a new app may perform better than one of the existing ones. Even small improvements in efficiency can be important when an app is used frequently.


I hope you will find what has been displayed here to be useful. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be a real workhorse. If you have other ways in which it can be made to perform even better, then please add these in the Comments below.

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