How to Generate Traffic to Your Online Store

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Everyone who owns an e-commerce venture knows that generating and maintaining high traffic on a website is a hard, but extremely important task. There are many efficient techniques for driving new traffic to your store – here are the top ones that will help you to attract the right crowd and boost the conversion rates of your website.

SEO Optimization

One of the most widespread solutions for improving SEO is blogging. You can simply set up a blog on your website and update it regularly to increase the rank of your website in search engines. Your company blog will also help you in becoming an industry thought leader, knowledgeable about their product and target market. Whatever you publish on your blog will serve to build the image of your brand across all online platforms.

A different aspect of your website that holds the key to SEO enhancement is the text published in product descriptions. In order to make the most from them, you need to include some powerful keywords. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what the most common search entries are that consumers use to Google your competition. Then simply focus on those keywords in your descriptions and enjoy an improved SEO visibility.

Social Networks

Another great opportunity for driving new traffic to your website is social media – easy to use and inexpensive, social media platforms can be regularly updated with posts about content relevant to the daily lives of your target audience. Don’t rely too much on promotion and selling in your social media posts, but always make sure to include links to your website. Your e-commerce venture will benefit from special social media buttons, allowing users to like and share products from your offer and consequently increasing the visibility of your brand on the web.

Wish List

Feature a wish list creator on your website and you’re bound to drive some new traffic. Make sure that after creating their wish list, consumers can easily share it with their friends. This will expose your e-commerce store to customers who had no idea your brand existed. If they decide to visit your e-store, they will do it with an enhanced sense of trust – if their friends shop here, it’s enough to convince them that your brand represents a certain value.

Price Comparers and Market Place

Make sure to submit your website to all possible search engines and online market places – update databases, such as the Google Merchant Center, with your latest products, prices and photos. When it comes to researching competition, there’s nothing more efficient than an online price comparison service. Have a look and learn from the data – submit your inventory for consideration as well. It certainly won’t hurt your brand and can be of great help in drawing new customers to your store.


Customers referring others to your shop is every marketer’s dream come true. In order to increase your chances, offer special discounts or an advance towards the next purchase in return for referring friends and family to your website. Make things simple and easy – include an email form or provide your customers with vanity URLs to make sure they get credit every time they refer your store to someone.

The web is full of various tools and resources to help you monitor and drive new traffic to your website. In order to make the most from your online presence, follow the guidelines above and you’ll be sure to consistently expand your client base.

Author Bio: Monique Craig is a tech blogger and marketing specialist, who works for Oneflare, an Australian online marketplace, which connects customers with service providers.

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