13 Reasons Why You Need A Business Coach Now

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Starting a business and growing it successfully is a major challenge.  That is why the majority of new ventures fail.  

Having a business coach can often be the difference between success and failure.
Of course if you already have a business coach, then you do not need any of the reasons given below.  However you could help others by commenting on which of the reasons pushed you into having a coach and whether you believe any of the reasons are incorrect.

For those without a coach, several of the reasons below will likely strike a chord with you.  You may well be surprised at some of them and they deserve some serious thought.  Each of them is discussed in greater detail below this summary list.

  1. Your time is limited
  2. You are stuck for ideas
  3. There is too much information on the Internet
  4. You must move out of your comfort zone
  5. Faster is better
  6. Search engines make it difficult to stand out from the crowd
  7. The world is going mobile
  8. The intelligence trap
  9. Getting an honest second opinion is difficult
  10. You need to say No more often
  11. You must be disciplined
  12. You must use the best technology
  13. You must maintain the right work / life balance

Here is a short discussion on each of these 13 reasons:

1. Your time is limited Your personal time is the most valuable asset you have.  There are so many things you would like to do including spending enough time with your family members.  Unlike cash, you can’t borrow time.  If you fritter away your time on unimportant activities, then you leave less time for the things that really matter. Starting out or running a business involves a great deal of your personal time.  If you are doing the wrong things or doing them inefficiently, then some of the priority tasks will not get done.  This is where an experienced business coach can help you concentrate on what is important.

2. You are stuck for ideas To make sure you are running with the best idea, it is important to do some brainstorming and review alternatives that might be a better basis for your business.  A knowledgeable business coach can be a fount of ideas in such a brainstorming session.

3. There is too much information on the Internet This is probably an aspect of the business scene that you are not aware of.  The current wisdom is that the best way to find potential leads for your business is to do inbound or content marketing.  The goal is to have a large number of online web pages to maximize the probability that a lead will stumble on one of them and be impressed by the company that created the web page. If you decide you should do some exploring, then you could well spend far too much time and not find the information that is particularly relevant to your current needs.  A business coach who invests her or his time in being aware of what is available can save you untold hours (that precious asset) and direct you to what is worth spending time on.

4. You must move out of your comfort zone Although it can feel satisfying to have a business project that’s “feels right”, it may mean that your project will not necessarily survive.  Remember that the majority of new ventures fail.  You should set your goals to be challenging so that you maximize the chance of success.  A good business coach can encourage you to set goals that you must stand on your tip toes to achieve.

5. Faster is better This is a topic I have been pushing for more than  15 years.  You can find out more details in a white paper, Faster Is Better. Here are some of the advantages mentioned in that white paper of acting promptly.

  • You can test Beta versions of your product with typical prospects.
  • You can Learn and improve your product, its features and how it is best marketed.
  • You can be farther ahead of the competition
  • You can make money faster
A good business coach can help you be agile in moving things along as quickly as is prudent.

6. Search engines and social media make it difficult to stand out from the crowd At one time it was relatively easy to do some search engine optimization and have your company website stand out in the keyword search results.  Although Google, the dominant search engine, says that it is only improving the quality of its search results, in practice it is increasingly difficult to achieve this visibility without using paid advertising. For example, John Mueller of Google has very recently announced that Google  will no longer show authorship data in its search results. This means that each entry gives less information about the webpage and occupies less space in the search report.

Social media such as Facebook are also making it more difficult for business pages to appear in individuals timelines.  Here again only by buying ads can a company improve its visibility. There are many changes on an ongoing basis and a knowledgeable business coach will be up-to-date on what will give the best return on investment.

7. The world is going mobile The pace of change in the Internet world is rapid.  The most important is the move by so many users to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  This has important implications for online marketing strategy.  A business coach will be able to guide you on how best to handle this important aspect.

8. The intelligence trap Edward De Bono coined the term, intelligence trap, for a weakness that highly intelligent people may often display.  With their agile minds, they will often leap rapidly to an assumption about the way things work. Subconsciously thereafter, they may tend to disregard facts that indicate their assumption is wrong and look rather for information that will confirm their view.  Others may be intimidated and may not wish to argue with someone ofl apparently higher intelligence. This is where a confident and knowledgeable business coach can suggest a re-examination of the situation and possible solutions.

9. Getting an honest second opinion is difficult It is always difficult to get an honest second opinion from friends and colleagues.  Even if you ask for it, they may be unsure what your reaction might be.  Why jeopardize a good relationship by offering an opinion that may be disliked? This is where a business coach can be of great value.  It should be specified in the mandate that the coach is expected to give his opinion even where the listener may find it difficult to accept.  Such an opinion may often represent one of the biggest values the coach can provide.

10. You need to say No more often As Michael Porter, the strategy guru, has pointed out one of the greatest difficulties in developing strategy is to say No. A fertile mind going at a mile a minute will come up with a host of alternative opportunities that could be attractive.  Rather than taking time to consider these, the entrepreneur should focus all his efforts on the chosen venture.  A good coach will ensure that this focus is maintained.

11. You must be disciplined Many projects that appear good on paper fail because their owners are poor at executing the agreed action plan.  An effective business coach will ensure there is an action plan with measurable results and that it is executed to achieve the desired results on time and within budget.

12. You must use the best technology In this global village, technology is advancing at breakneck speed.  It is always important to know what technology is available and how it can best be used within your business.  A business coach who is maintaining an overview on current developments will be able to point out what practical alternatives might need to be considered.

13. You must maintain the right work / life balance Hopefully your business coach can be your friend.  Although you may have a consuming desire to make your business succeed, you will have failed if at the same time your life goals are neglected.  A fully rounded business coach will help you work on achieving the right balance. If you are thinking about hiring a business coach, then you may wish to read through the 20 Qualities Your Business Coach Should Have. If after reading these reasons, you believe you should be considering working with a business coach, then contact Barry Welford  for an exploratory discussion.

A second reference

10 Ways Hiring a Coach Can Make Your Business More Successful Here are the 10 ways suggested by Carrie Smith.  You will find we are singing from the same hymn sheet.

  1. Get Unstuck and Find Motivation
  2. Challenge You to Try New Things
  3. Increase Your Creativity and Income
  4. Find Support and Encouragement
  5. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  6. Gain More Confidence
  7. Establish Audacious But Realistic Goals
  8. Prioritize Your (Business) Needs First
  9. Be Accountable to Someone
  10. Harness Your Ideas
As she summarizes, a coach is the best investment for your business.

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  1. Awesome post. Early on in my business I brought on a partner that I consider to be a business coach. He now owns 12% of my venture, and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I brought him on because of several reasons you stated, time was limited, I was pressed for ideas, but most of all; I’m an internet marketer! I didn’t know the first thing about taking my product and turning it into a thriving business on the legal side of things. There are so many things to account for financially and legally that I’d be lost without my coach!

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