The perils of newspaper clippings

newspaper clippings
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It is not too long ago since the only concern that celebrities might have would be how they were appearing in the newspaper headlines. If your concern was sufficiently worrying, then you could always hire a newspaper clipping service to monitor everything that appeared. With any luck, adverse comments would appear and disappear within a day.

Of course the converse was also true. If you had something good to share with the world, then it could be quite expensive to get people’s attention and have them comment on the fine work you had done.

That’s all changed now. In this digital age despite the ephemeral nature of electrons, even the feeblest of news can be spread at the speed of light. Since so many publishers are thirsty for content, your latest happenings may be sucked in to feed that media vacuum.

If you are concerned to be on top of everything that may appear in any of the media, then you have a major challenge. You really need to check the coverage from print, online, social and broadcast media in any language and for any market. It is well beyond the capabilities of any human team and the only solution is a combination of computer algorithms monitored by skilled reviewers. Thankfully there are a number of services available such as those offered by Kantar media.

Despite the availability of such solutions, you may still think back longingly to the days when all you needed was a good pair of scissors.

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