Choosing The Right Email Service

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The process of sending a single email may not seem complicated to the average consumer; however, business email is a completely different animal. Most companies find it advantageous to completely outsource their email marketing services to a professional third party company. Even if your business does not perform this service in house for itself, your marketing department should be aware of the subtle differences in different email marketing services in order to better direct its overall strategy.Below are the different types of email marketing services that are used by important, successful businessmen like Scott Gelbard Apis Ventures as well as who can best benefit from each type of structure.

One – Bulk Email Marketing Services

For certain types of businesses and companies that are still trying to find their audience, bulk email services may be the most important facet of email marketing. However, there is a fine line between capturing, keeping and building an email list and spamming people, and the general public is very aware and quite sensitive about this distinction. A professional bulk email marketing service will help a company to work out the mathematics as well as the strategy of emailing cold leads to turn them into customers. In certain countries such as Canada, there are also widespread regulations that apply even to businesses that are headquartered outside of the country. For instance, the new Canada Spam Law requires certain things in every email that is sent to a Canadian citizen under penalty of stiff fines and even a blacklist from doing business in the country.

Two – Email Design Services

For a business that already has an audience and is trying to keep it interested, the main purpose of an email campaign is not to obtain new listings – it is to provide the lists of people that are already signed up with the most value in an entertaining way. There are many formatting considerations to be taken into account when it comes to email. For instance, recipients are much more likely to open an email when the main headline is placed squarely in the middle of the preview window.

Three – Special Email Campaigns

Many companies will have a need for special email campaigns to correspond with a seasonal sale or a new product rollout. These types of emails make use of compiled third party listings and current sales rolls as well as exploratory mailings into new markets using demographic data. For a new company that is entering a market that has a highly specialized demographic such as the market for many luxury items, a specialty email campaign is essential. An email marketing service that is not aware of the ins and outs of a certain demographic may completely destroy the reputation of a new company within that demographic before it has even had time to capture a piece of the market. Specialized email marketing campaigns will also carefully develop the design and the timing of messages in the light of the socio-demographic profile of the target prospects. Ideally a more personalized message format will be used.

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