6 Ways You Can Stay Away From Danger While You’re At Work

watch your handsThis article is contributed by Robin Peters.

We’re lucky we have certain rules in place otherwise a lot more people would die every year from work-related injuries. Maybe you won’t die when you’re at work but there is every chance you could get hurt, so let’s look at a few ways you can look after yourself properly from now on.

Always check in with someone

let people know where you are

This one is very important if you work in a dangerous environment by yourself. Even if you think you’ll be safe you never know what will happen at any moment. Can you imagine what would happen if you fell over and landed on your head when you were in the middle of nowhere? Nobody would be able to send the search party out until it was too late. If you check in with someone they can always raise the alarm when they sense something is wrong.

Study your surroundings

check your surroundings

If you’ve worked at the same place all your life you probably know the building better than you know the inside of your own home. You definitely wouldn’t trip over something if you’d already walked over it hundreds of times before. Try staying safe when you work in a new environment every day. If you have a high level of awareness you might be okay, but if you’re prone to banging into things you need to study your surroundings carefully.

Report any faults at once

report faults

If something was to blow up in your face do you think it would happen suddenly? It would feel like that at the time, but there is a chance something was obviously wrong weeks before it blew except nobody thought they needed to report it. When something doesn’t look right it’s easy to ignore it by pretending it’s not your problem, but if everyone did that there would be carnage. Report any faults at once so you can save yourself and your work colleagues.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

ask questions

Nobody gets into trouble for asking too many questions unless they’re sitting an exam. Who in their right mind would want to punish you for wanting to better yourself? This sounds good in theory except for the fact most people think they’re exposing themselves as weak when they ask any questions. They would rather jump into something blindly even if they don’t know exactly what to do, so you just need to be brave enough to get over that insecurity from now on.

Have you been trained properly?

train properly

Do you touch things you’re not meant to touch? Once someone has been working in the same job for a long time they begin to think they’re special. They will want to drive things they’ve not been trained to drive and they will want to go places they’ve not been trained to navigate their way around. Unless you are qualified to do something at work you should stay away from it unless you want to get hurt. You won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

Try to get plenty of sleep

get sleep

It’s hard enough to stay awake when you’re at work, so imagine how terrible it must feel when you’ve only had a few yours sleep. You have to accept the fact you’re not in college anymore and you can’t fall asleep at the back of your class. Fall asleep behind the wheel of your truck and you will kill yourself. Start to drift off when you’re operating heavy machinery if you want to end up with seven fingers. The other three will be stuck in the machine and they won’t go back on.

That wasn’t so hard Did anything stand out when you were looking through each paragraph? Everything we talked about is basic and anyone with a little common sense should be able to follow them. Just make sure that includes you because you don’t want to get hurt.

Author Bio: Robin Peters is a site safety consultant for Safety Quip, he likes to go for trekking on weekends and relishes adventure.

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