How To Write The Perfect Business Report

business reportThis article is contributed by Jared Jaureguy. Writing a business report can really make your entire career. If you write up a great looking business report and show it to your superiors, they could be really impressed with your knowledge of business and your company. On the other hand, if you fail to present the information in a timely, neat manner, your executives will probably be turned off by your work. Here are some tips that will help you write the perfect business report:

Don’t Make it Too Long

In school, we’re taught that our papers should be like a skirt: long enough to cover the material and short enough to keep their attention. The same is true about your business report. You don’t want to show up with a huge packet and throw it down on your boss’s desk. Keep it to a few pages, cover the most essential information and be prepared to answer for anything that your boss might ask about. Long enough to cover the material, short enough to keep their attention.

Include Graphs

A business report shouldn’t read like an essay or an article. It should be easier to digest and it should include a lot of business related visuals. Include things like the company logo, financial charts, and pie and bar graphs. Use color and make your report look nice and presentable. Include a few paragraphs describing the visuals and graphs and ensure they make sense to include in the report. Throwing in a few charts if they’re not relevant isn’t going to make an impression on the overall report and will look sloppy. Well-placed and thought out graphics with a brief explanation can add a lot to your report and keep it interesting. Remember, your superiors could be judging the way that you do your job based on how you write this report.

Concluding Remarks

Make sure to include some specific, relevant details at the end of your report. If the executive doesn’t want to read the whole thing (which, let’s face it, they might not), they can skip to the end and see the most vital information. You don’t want your report to end abruptly, after some graphs and charts. Finish it off with a bang, telling the reader what the company is doing well and what it can do to improve.

Edit, Edit, edit!

Before presenting your report, give it to a few good proofreaders and make sure that it looks good. You may want to review all of the information that you put in there to make sure that it’s accurate, too. If you don’t want to hand your bosses a hard copy, you can always convert the file to a PDF. Using a PDF creator makes the editing process a bit easier, too. If you’re the one writing this business report alone, you need to put some extra work into it, to make sure that it looks clean and nice. Put yourself in the place of the executives and ask yourself what you think they’d like to see. Follow these tips and you’ll have a flawless business report. About the author: Jared Jaureguy is an independent technology consultant. He loves all things tech and staying up-to-date on all the latest news in the technology field. He runs the website You can follow him @jaredjaureguy. Image credit:  business report image courtesy of Sal Falko. Editorial Note: In addition to the above tips, you might wish to consider starting the report with a short Executive Summary so that busy executives can read only that if they wish.

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