Look At My Horse

amazing grace“Amazing Grace”
That phrase, Look at my horse, was possibly first uttered in the Ukraine as early as 3000 B.C. A person with a horse often develops a special relationship and a particular pride in their steed. That manifests itself in a wish to show others what it is about the horse that is so attractive. A horse is a free spirit. It is much larger than a human, it is powerful and can move with great speed. Yet by patient training and working together, the rider and the horse can move as one. It is not at all surprising that if you have that relationship with a horse, then you wish to present that to the world. The earliest horse representation may well have been a painting on a cave wall. horse cave painting Or to really impress them with the help of a few friends or perhaps some.captured slaves, you could make something that could be seen for miles. white horse on chalk

Equine Art

Over the centuries horses and riders have been depicted in a whole variety of media. For many recent years, one of the most powerful of these was the cinema with a flood of cowboy movies. Not surprisingly this has meant that horses have an attraction for a wide variety of people. The involvement of a large number of horses and riders in the pageantry associated with the Royal Family in the UK is a further magnet for popular interest as it is viewed around the world. As a result anything involving horses is likely to get popular interest and involvement

Art in Found Spaces in Langley, BC, Canada

The Langley Arts Council’s Art in Found Spaces initiative offers artists the opportunity to showcase their talents in publicly accessible locations, thereby enhancing these areas for the enjoyment of citizens and visitors to the area. One such project is “Horsing Around Langley”, a public art project. Langley is acknowledged as the Horse Capital of BC and is home to over 6,000 horses. The project involved the following steps.
  • Several models of life-size horse and colt statues.were paid for by corporate and private sponsors.
  • Artists submitted design proposals and sample art work for painting of these horse and colt statues while schools, youth groups and seniors groups submitted design proposals to paint the colts.
  • A group made up of professional artists, equestrians and corporate sponsors then selected the best designs
  • Four months were allowed to complete each of the art projects.
The life-size horse and colt painted statues were featured in an exhibition at a local shopping mall and are now on permanent display at various locations throughout the community. Here below are just two of the painted horses. langley horse one langley gift horse

Other Locations With Painted Horses

This type of equine art can be seen in other places in North America. Here are three examples from different locations. giddy up to granbyGiddy Up To Granby” is the official name of this painted horse public art project, a collaboration of Granby’s artistic, business and horse communities designed to promote Granby’s businesses, organizations and associations with its claim as Connecticut’s best horse town. Ocala, Florida, is another city where you will find many examples of painted horses. painted horse patriot Finally in Saratoga, New York state, this same type of public art can be seen. jazz horse

Equine Artists

If you are looking for more traditional equine art to capture the free spirit of your horse, then International Equine Artists may be able to fulfill your desires. This is a collective group of Equine Artists from around the World representing all types of art. Their website features galleries of the works that have been created by the group. Author Bio: Barry Welford writes for Next Day Flyers and is a frequent blogger on business performance and Internet Marketing. You can find more on him via his . Photo credits

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