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young text messagerThis article is contributed by Natalia David.

Text messaging has basically taken the entire phone related world by storm. In a text a person can communicate with someone through easy, singularly sent packets of data. Just within 160 characters, an entire wide array of information can be exchanged. And through all of these benefits, the chief features of texts would have to be that they are cheap and instant.

Research already suggests that 90% of all sent messages are viewed within 15 minutes of being received. No wonder there is such a surge of texting apps, across countries and across platforms for users in every platform market. Texting apps have become more of a need rather than a hobby.

Of course, there will always be some threats too when looking for perfect apps as some of them come from third parties or are actually disguised SMS spy apps.  So if you are looking for a texting app that fulfills your need, keeps your phone safe and is supported on the Windows Phone 8 platform then worry not, here is a list of some interesting texting apps to get you started.

1. Messaging. As the name itself suggests, this app is pretty simple and singular goal oriented- -to get you a good messaging platform. This app does not come in built with your Windows Phone 8 set but is a Microsoft creation so it will go well with your interface. The app allows you to chat with your contacts (through your Facebook or Address Book) and supports video chat too. This is probably the most feature geared app on the Windows Store and that too for free.

2.Thinking of You. Now this may not be the perfect app for everyone’s texting needs but it scores a million points straightaway for cuteness points. The app is themed for two. So in other words it is designed so that you and your beloved could exchange texts in complete secrecy. Of course you could use this app for sending texts that are not necessarily to a lover but require a secure connection anyway, one away from all threats of spying. The app is free so be sure to check it out.

3. Viber. This is another popular app and is available for all platform users including Windows Phone 8. Due to WhatsApp’s security and privacy related concerns, many users are opting for alternatives like Viber. This app runs on simple identification rules. Users use each other’s contact numbers to become contacts and initiate conversations. A plus point of using this texting app is that it allows users to make calls as well.

4. Line. This app is also becoming very popular with users regardless the platform. It runs n Windows Phone 8 as well and can be better adopted on this platform since it allows users to reply if they have a PC or MacOS program once they register it with an existing email account. Line allows users to send free texts and also allows them to make calls for free. It already has people from over 230 countries using it and is quickly becoming the next global messaging app.

5. WeChat. This app gets its claim to fame from being originated in China. It also allows users to confirm each other as contacts through the use of their mobile numbers. It is a multi-platform app and allows users to send text as well as voice messages.  Further, you can share videos and location. The best feature would have to be that it allows users to sync social network feeds or plug-ins such as ‘Shake’ or ‘Look Around.’

Author Bio: Natalia David is a tech writer. She describes herself as passionate for all things mobile and writes prolifically to help her readers. She also writes about sms spy app and mobile spy apps. For details visit mobistealth. She can be reached @NataliaDavid4.

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