Ecommerce grows apace

shopping cartsIf you needed any confirmation that e-commerce is growing rapidly then a Forbes article, Amazon Grows, and Spends, provides proof. As is noted, Inc.’s business continues to grow rapidly as more users turn to the Web to do their shopping. Competition is also growing rapidly and Wal-Mart Vs. Amazon is perhaps the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Battle:
According to Nielsen, e-commerce will gain more ground than any other segment of the retail industry by 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 11% each year.
What is good for the big guys also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs. Creating an Ecommerce store can be exciting and challenging. Working with a company like Network Solutions makes the project more doable. They have three different monthly packages for different sized stores to help you set up and maintain your online store with ease. When it comes to your store front display, all packages have customizable templates, which are compatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Photoshop. Since online shopping is increasingly done on mobile devices, it may be wise to go with their premium program, which has an additional feature providing mobile optimized design. All three packages allow for you to have a free domain name with your annual purchase and the ability to create subdomains. All are equipped with social media buttons so people can share your products and search engine optimized (SEO) site coding helps potential customers find your site through search engines like Google. With all three packages you can use Pay Pal and Google checkout and are able to accept credit cards (if you have a merchant account). Network Solutions offers 24/7 live phone customer service and you can access their online community which includes a forum, training videos, and contextual help tools. If you plan on selling your wares on the web, Network Solutions can help you accomplish that goal with ease and all this for an affordable monthly fee.
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