Promoting Your Small Business for Greater Impact with Blog Carnivals

carnival This article is contributed by Ken Myers. For the small business, promoting goods and services can be difficult at times when your budget only allows for so much spending. Although your website can offer a great deal of information, competition is great for nearly every niche. While you could spend a great deal of time and money in search engine optimization, there are other methods that could help generate interest in your business content. Blog carnivals are blogging websites that allow others to write a piece of content and offer a link back to your main site. The main purpose of these carnivals is to generate interest for guest bloggers. Most of these carnivals are free as the content you provide helps the carnival’s host as well. 1. Content – Most of the time, your content needs to match the given subject. If your business fits a particular niche, there is a good chance there is a carnival about it right now. If your business isn’t in a niche fitting a carnival you wish to write for, don’t fret. A great deal of these will let you write about the specific topic and link back to your site regardless of its niche. For instance, you can write for that baby blog carnival with a link back to your computer business providing the content you write for that blog is of the “baby” subject. 2. How to Engage – If you’re creative enough, you could tie in your business operations with the blog carnival in question. As relevant content reigns supreme, you want the blog post to be as close to your business niche as possible. If there is simply no way to accomplish this, write a good article for the particular blog and rely on the link back to your site. Many people will click the link provided out of sheer curiosity which could turn profitable. 3. Simplicity – As long as you follow the blog carnival’s rules, you can easily create interest back to your business. It requires nothing more than registering with the blog hosting individual and writing the best content you can about the provided subject material. There are no deposits, financing, or advertising methods you need to concern yourself with. It is a very simple way to generate interest in your business without investing anything more than your time. 4. Where to Look – You can find many blog carnivals by putting “blog carnival” in your favorite search engine. However, many people have made one of their favorite sites. This website is a collection of those people hosting carnivals and covers a wide range of topics. Otherwise, visiting blogging websites could open possibilities of those who don’t use sites such as this. 5. Why Should You – Blogs are frequented by millions of readers every day. Whether people are looking for information regarding a specific product or just want to simply keep up on current events, they are reading. Putting your own content on these blogs has great potential to be spotted by consumers who are interested in your content and wish to know more. Depending on how the blog carnival is set up, you could also create interest in Google+ by writing for these sites and linking it back to your account. This provides a greater presence for your business as a professional in your field. While spending money on a marketing plan can make a great impact in how your online presence grows, there are many ways you can promote the business without spending a dime. Blog carnivals are very common and all it will take you is less than a half-hour to write your best content. Author Bio: Ken Myers holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College. As president of, Ken’s focus is helping Houston-based parents find the right childcare provider for their family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife.
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