How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs

This article is contributed by Theresa Moyer. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to market your writing style, blog and products. A great number of savvy bloggers prefer churning out guest posts to top blogs in their target niche in order to reap more traffic. However, reaching out to bloggers to get guest posts can be a bit difficult when you try doing it. The main reason, most probably, is top bloggers receive a huge number of requests every day and therefore approve only the best ones. guest blog post author Whether you are an experienced blogger with years of writing experience or a babe in the woods, equip yourself with every possible chance of success. Here are some sure fire ideas to boost your confidence for getting your guest posts accepted.

Choose a Target Blog First of All

Among the countless number of blogs out there, approach only a few target blogs that have something in common with your blog. Only then is it likely that your post will be approved, and the host blog and yours will be able to get some benefits reciprocally. For instance, a post for your technology blog has nothing to inspire the blogger who focuses on tourism, mainly because his target audience is completely different from yours.

Go through the Guidelines

More often than not blog owners require guest authors to follow some writing guidelines that cover almost everything from topics to word count to formatting style. Read these guidelines carefully and follow them. In case your target blog doesn’t have any guidelines published, then send an email to the editor to know if they have any. Otherwise, read a couple of posts there and come up with a good post matching them in terms of quality and quantity.

Link to Other Posts on Your Host Blog

Put in the body of your content at least one link to another post on your host’s blog. Being useful for the host blog, this strategy will send out a message that you have actually made this post for them. Moreover, it will also show that you are familiar with the blog or at least have spent some time researching it. Sometimes, guest blogging authors put a few links to their own blogs when sending a sample post, but instead of generating some clicks they get their posts turned down. If you wish to link back to your personal blog, limit yourself to one link in the author bio.

Spend Extra Time Editing

It’s always a good idea to edit your post carefully, and it becomes vital when it comes to writing a guest post. Editing or changing a published post on your own blog is easy but when you post on a blog as a guest, you often can’t edit your published post – and you also don’t want to end up disturbing a busy blog owner to fix your errors. Bear in mind busy blog owners will invariably turn down a post that doesn’t meet their required guidelines, instead of making editorial changes or asking you for a rewrite.

Write a Polite Cover Email

When submitting a blog post, write a complementary email message as well. Since it is the first piece of your writing that the host blogger will read, composing a sloppy email will land you nowhere in the long queue of blog posts. Do your best to come up with an email written carefully, politely, professionally and yet in a friendly manner. Address your host blog owner by name (spelling must be 100% correct) and give a line or two about your guest posting experience. In sum, you can earn great benefits out of guest posting if you succeed getting your foot in the door. It can be easily done given that you put in some extra effort to make your work shine out as a distinguished and attractive piece of writing amongst a huge crowd of submissions. Author Bio: Theresa Moyer writes for Photo credit: Courtesy of  Ed Yourdon via photopin cc
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8 thoughts on “How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted By Top Blogs”

  1. Great article on guest posting, there are loads of posts out there about how to get your guest posts accepted, but you hit home on some major points in this article. The amount of low quality spam I get asking for guest postings (even demanding) on my sites is incredible. This is about quality content getting noticed, not purely link building!

  2. Nice, general post that helps to scratch the surface of guest posting. One note I’d like to add to the Cover Email section is to be personable above all things. Some of the best responses I’ve gotten have been when I’ve matched the blogs tone, even if it was wildly unprofessional. I was always polite though 🙂

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