The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast

To a few, perhaps the name Pinterest is somewhat unknown.  This is basically an online social media website where you can create your own online photo albums or boards.   These are not your own pictures, but rather are images you may have seen as you wander around the Web.  Other people can see the images you are pinning on your boards.  If they like them, they may repin them to a board of their own.  It’s a very simple concept but seems to be taking the world by storm.  Some reasons for this are clear but there is an underlying reason which seems to have not been commented on but is much more fundamental. scrolling through pinterest images If you have not seen a Pinterest Board, then the image at the right will give you an impression of how you might scroll down and scroll down a Pinterest board on your smart phone.  It is a very simple concept but has exhibited noteworthy growth. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media ever A report in the SiliconAngle confirms the exceptional growth of this social media startup.
Now SAP in association with social media consumer insights firm NetBase in a report on the five million conversations about the social media revealed that Pinterest is fastest growing social startup site ever, suppressing Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media resources. In fact, Pinterest has become the 16th most visited site in the United States, according to recent data from market research firm Alexa with more than 13 million followers that pin their life on the social site.
Obvious reasons why Pinterest grew so fast Let us first look at some of the obvious reasons why Pinterest grew so fast.
  • One-third of users “praised how the site is beautifully designed.” It’s basically a bunch of boxes on white background, but that simplicity works for Pinterest.
  • On the ergonomic side, Pinterest offers a very pleasant, simple and highly visual experience.
  • It started off as a “By Invitation Only” website which created a certain scarcity value that made people more eager to get involved.
  • Pinterest drives more clicks that convert into purchases than other social media sites so the website has become a marketer’s haven for research and advertising.
  • Pinterest has now officially launched an app for Android as well as iPad, and also launched an updated version of its iPhone app.
Why an image is so powerful In understanding the power of an image, it is worth remembering just why an image is so powerful.
  • The content of an image can be perceived in the blink of an eye.
  • A large amount of information can he assimilated very rapidly
  • Sometimes that information is only available in an image, for example in a handwritten note.
  • The many attributes of an image mean that not only information is transmitted but it can be reinforced by emotional and even psychological dimensions.
In summary the basic element you are dealing with here has a great inherent richness. Women have many images they wish to share As Forbes put it, Women Are From Pinterest, Men Are From Google+?  When it comes to the gender split of Pinterest’s following – anything ranging from 72% to a staggering 97% of its user base has been reported as female.  The reason for that is that many of the information items that women might wish to share with their friends require an image to complete the message. So far, most Pinterest users love using the platform for finding and sharing recipes more than anything else. That’s followed up by decorating and event planning, among other topics.  Just think weddings. The discussion already may have convinced you why Pinterest has become so popular so fast.  However perhaps there is something deeper here which we will now explore. So What Is The Real Reason Why Pinterest Is Growing So Fast Not everyone sees images and groups of images in exactly the same way.  We can illustrate this by exploring some different ways that animals and people perceive images. Horses see many images simultaneously Anyone who has worked with horses knows that they have an incredible ability to spot even small changes in the world around them.  Since they are prey animals and are always looking out for predators that might attack them, this is a very useful ability.  The specifics of this ability are as follows:
Horses have a very large panoramic field of view. With one eye they can see approximately 190-195 degrees horizontally (e.g. from side to side – the horizon) and about 178 degrees vertically (e.g. from top to bottom or “grass to sky”). Using both eyes, horses see virtually 350 degrees and the horse almost has a complete “sphere of vision” around its body with only a few small “blind spots.”
Note that each of the horse’s eyes is working to an extent independently and the brain is combining the information from these two separate image inputs.  In summary they are seeing and assessing many images at the same time. Autistic children see many images simultaneously Animal scientist and best-selling author Temple Grandin who is autistic has had a truly remarkable life… and is a hero to people living with autism everywhere.  An HBO TV movie about her life starring Claire Danes among other things helps us understand how Temple Grandin thinks in pictures.  The following short video from that film portrays how images appear to her.
That picture viewing process is somewhat overwhelming.  But perhaps the most intriguing item is that haunting question at the end, “Doesn’t everyone see pictures like that?” Perhaps we all can see many images simultaneously It seems clear that most of us do not see images as Temple Grandin sees them. Nor do we have the ability of the horse to combine many images seen with our eyes operating somewhat independently.  However might it not be possible that with the peripheral vision from our two eyes we are somewhat aware of other images than merely those which we are directly observing.  Perhaps this is not a black and white situation but rather different people may have different image viewing abilities to a greater or lesser extent. Pinterest can show many images simultaneously Whether or not some owners have this greater capacity for seeing images simultaneously, it is clear that the Pinterest website can show us many images at the same time.  This is limited only by the width of the screen.  The mobile APP for the iPhone or for Android for example shows only two columns of images.  A typical monitor for a desk top PC can show an image like the one below:   pinterest image screen Even though few of us may think about or be aware of any ability we may have to be aware of images with our peripheral vision, perhaps this is a factor in the wide appeal of Pinterest to so many people. How do you check images in Pinterest? Are you looking at the whole screen before you home in on some image that catches your attention? Why not add a comment on how you “see” Pinterest boards.
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