Combine Social and Traditional Media to Build Your Brand

This article is contributed by Jordan Mendys. Many businesses have always relied on traditional ad placement and referrals to get business. There is nothing wrong with that, because it worked, but it also has the potential of being very costly. With the advent of social media, however, there has been a surge in the use of these platforms for marketing purposes. Simply using social media can help get your name out there, and can make you successful, but if you really want to turn it up a notch, don’t rule out integrating your attempts with traditional media production. fireworks to get attention

Send Out Pictures

One of the easiest things that any small business can do is using photos for your social media sites. This includes posting to your Twitter account, Facebook, etc., and it is an easy way to allow your audience a simple face to face. Use media to engage your potential clients and current clients. By engaging them, they can in return reach out to you and give feedback. This step is easy, and it doesn’t take much time. If you’re a small business, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of sharing simple information with the world. It can be as easy as taking a picture of a new office location, or as in depth as a short video detailing a new product or service you’re offering.

Display Videos

Another traditional road, as just mentioned, that you can take is by incorporating video into your social engagement. Having a Youtube channel or posting videos to your Facebook wall is a great way for you to speak to your audience, and allow them a closer look into what you are doing. The most important part in leveraging video is to keep your audience and clients in the loop of your company’s progress. By explaining what your business does, especially if you’re in a niche field that not many know about, you can give your audience insight as to what you can offer to them. Creating videos doesn’t have to break the bank either with new innovations in mobile technology, but it can give you a considerable edge in attracting new followers to your social platforms, that can then turn into future customers.

Make News

There are plenty of other tools that can also help out with your social media outreach. Everyday there is news and findings that can impact almost every industry. It’s important for you to share these stories to enlighten your audience, as well as instilling confidence in your readers and followers that you stay on top of the latest breaking advancements in your field. It helps to keep your audience engaged, and the more information you can give them, the more they will be coming back to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. If you want to have a successful social outreach, then you have to give people a reason to stay in touch with your information. If you follow this advice, you should be on your way to getting a better social presence for your business. Using multimedia is the best way to get people attracted to your web presence, and once you have attracted them, you can share more pertinent information as it relates to you and your business. It will help you bring in more clients, and it will help build your brand. Author Bio: Jordan Mendys is a social media advocate, and blogger for DX3.  He freelances as a blogger and photographer, and lives with his wife in North Carolina.
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