International Business Courses: An Investment Every Marketer Should Consider

This article is contributed by Melissa Miller. Anyone who has dabbled in marketing even a bit knows that the ultimate goal of the marketer is to help his or her respective company thrive and appeal to its target audience. By effectively presenting the organization’s specific goals, initiatives, services and products, the marketing department will hopefully maintain and expand the business’s reach. However, like it has with so many things, the digital revolution is changing the name of the game. travelling the world Thanks to the boundless reach of the internet, we are seeing more and more international interactions taking place. People in Shanghai are doing business with individuals in Houston. A California-based company has a number-one client in Singapore. The transactions are practically limitless, which is great for the bottom line, but can prove stressful for the marketing department. The more physical ground that’s covered, the more wide-spread the demographic of the customer – which can be challenging, especially when you are used to a much smaller, concentrated group of people. If your company is expanding and you find yourself facing this task, you might consider enrolling in a couple of international business courses. Although many have been offered for years, they are quickly gaining popularity as companies broaden their reach through blogging, social media and web marketing, and may be worth a second look. Some notable programs and schools offering courses in the subject are highlighted below.

The University of Houston

Based in the fourth largest city in the U.S., the University of Houston prides itself on its business school. Aside from the traditional offerings such as accounting and entrepreneurship, the school also offers an extensive global business program that gives students an overview of how policies and businesses work across the world. Through a combination of international business and entrepreneurship courses, students can even earn a minor in the coursework, which might prove beneficial as they begin to conduct business internationally with their work.

The University of Pennsylvania

Another great program promising to broaden your multinational knowledge is the one offered through the University of Pennsylvania. Providing students with a wide-range of courses from which to choose, it is likely you will find a course or two to meet your professional needs. The curriculum will leave you more-informed and better prepared to take on the world – the WHOLE world.

Baylor University

Covering everything from basic geography to finance and accounting, the international business classes offered at Baylor University definitely deserve a second look from anyone seeking to further their education. The classes will instill in students the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in a global, multi-national market – which is clearly the new norm no matter your industry. So, before any one tries to infiltrate and sell to a foreign market, it’s a good idea to first understand how their economies, policies and more work. You wouldn’t venture out on a 3-day hike without first scoping out the trail, right? While these institutions all offer courses specific to international marketing practices, it’s not a bad idea to take others as well to get the big picture. Your boss will likely thank you for doing so. Author Bio: A freelance writer and blogger hailing from the great state of Texas, Melissa Miller specializes in writing about the education field.
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