Social Media Marketing to Millennials: Do’s and Don’ts

This article is contributed by Angelita Williams.

Millennials are young consumers that roughly fall between the ages of 18 and 29. They’re just getting out of college (some are still in school) but one thing is certain: they have a $170 billion per year purchasing power. Thus, this age demographic really needs your attention. However, marketing to millennials can be a little tricky—they can easily get turned off by the tiniest slip up. To ensure that your efforts to market to millennials on social media sites don’t go to waste, follow these tips below.


Don’t Be Annoying

This is kind of a hard task to achieve since fickle millennials change their mind so rapidly on what’s considered annoying and what isn’t, but it is certain that young consumers detest excessive updates. Excessive updating will only lead to three different scenarios:

  1. they train their brains to “mute” you out, so they simply scroll right past your updates
  2. they unsubscribe from you so you are completely hidden from their timeline or
  3. they get so agitated that they ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ your fan page and be done with you forever.

At most two updates a day are found to be most acceptable.

Don’t Sound Insincere

Also, when you’re formulating your updates and tweets, you want to really sound like you’re interested in getting to know your audience. You don’t want to sound like a walking, talking, marketing robot—millennials can see right through that. Instead, try to be more engaging in your updates and ask for your audience’s opinions and feedback on certain issues. You want to sound like a real person who cares. Millennials also favor comical updates and tweets.

Do Offer ‘Exclusive’ Coupons

Research shows that millennials absolutely love coupons and discounts—in fact, getting access to coupons and free trials to products is the leading motivator for “liking” and “following” brands. But the key is that the coupons have to be exclusive—meaning the same coupon/discount cannot be available on the company’s main website or anything like that.

Do Be a Philanthropist

Finally, millennials are all about saving the environment and giving back to the community. Thus organizations and brands that put a serious effort in having some sort of philanthropic campaign every so often will be better received. For example, in 2011 Aldo’s Shoes launched an AIDs awareness campaign on their social media page; Dove soap did the same with their campaign to boost young girls’ self-esteem. The campaigns went viral.

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