Personal Branding Dilemmas

If you wish to succeed in your chosen career, few would argue with the value of personal branding just the way the stars do it as a recent Fast Company article suggests:
Whether you love Kim Kardashian or you can’t stand her, you must acknowledge her ability to leverage media in order to create constant publicity. Whether it’s appearing on the cover of a book or simply attending church on Easter Sunday, Kardashian never fails to generate headlines. … Granted, most of us are pursuing publicity and exposure on a smaller scale, but the objective is still to create consistent exposure in order to build credibility and visibility.
personal branding dillema However personal branding will very quickly bring you face-to-face with certain dilemmas.  One of them is described in a Forbes article on The Paradox of Personal Branding
How do you stand out and fit in at the same time?  What’s not to like about a smart, realistic focus on how to manage your reputation in the workplace? Hopefully, it can enable you to home in on your strengths, compensate for weaknesses, and make you a better (and better-respected) professional.
The author of the book on the Paradox of Personal Branding, Amy Edmondson, believes that personal branding can be good “if it leads people to be thoughtful about how visible and transparent everything really is.” That leads in to the other dilemma.  If you market your personal brand, this may trigger a critical reaction whereby others seek to find the weaknesses and negative points and publicize these.  Covering both aspects of marketing the personal brand and keeping a watchful eye on negative publicity can take a great deal of effort and that is where the services provided by a company such as can be extremely valuable. Credit: Image courtesy of Stefano Principato via Flickr

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