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If you would like to know about strategic pruning and why SMM is selling two of its blogs, then please read on.

Strategy, a word that first came up in a military context, is all about determining how available resources should be best used to achieve desired outcomes.  It’s an essential first step in deciding to start up a business or an organization.  Michael Porter, the doyen of living management gurus, is the acknowledged master of competitive strategy.  However he has less to say on what you should do about strategy on an ongoing basis as the business grows and evolves.

Holding on to the same strategy until it fails is certainly not the best approach. A regular review is better and a very sound approach can well be what works for gardens.  That is what is suggested in a article on Pruning, harvesting and strategy and it makes a lot of sense.  Pruning achieves two purposes: it allows the stronger shoots or branches to have more space and to receive more energy and nutrients.  At the same time it may be possible to use what is harvested for other purposes.

With a neat play on words, Speer and Associates offers similar words of advice to banks with Branching Out or Pruning:  Developing Rational Branch Strategies.

This nicely complements Peter Drucker’s key piece of advice, Focus, Focus, Focus.  It’s a mantra I’ve suggested to many others in the past.  However they might quite rightly have said, Physician – heal thyself. I keep running with my enthusiasms if they’re doing well.  The result can be that you spread yourself too thin.

Focusing or pruning: they’re very similar concepts.  Just as with a garden it should be something you do on a planned and regular basis.  Possibly 10% of what your company is doing should be pruned every year after a careful review of strengths and weaknesses.

The SMM blogs to an extent have grown like Topsy.  They all are successful in their own niches. However in deciding where efforts should be concentrated at least two had to go.  Balancing all the factors and considering how best the values of the blogs could be ‘harvested’, the clear choices for selling were StayGoLinks and Senior Money Memos.

As mentioned at the start, if you are interested then you can find more details at the following links:

One thought on “Strategic Pruning and Harvesting – SMM Blogs For Sale”

  1. Barry.

    Getting rid of the two sites may be the best thing to do, as you say, you need to focus, focus, focus. I tell all my students, that they need to learn one Internet Marketing Strategy at a time, and to focus on one until they know it inside and out. And the biggest thing, is that they use it, not just learn it.

    So many people, get caught in information overload when they first start out, that it is understandable why so many don’t make the grad. Your are a very smart man, to take the step back and focus on what is working.

    Then once you have that, you just scale it up. lol Anyway I just wanted to say that you are great, and I hope that you have fun with what you are doing.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville

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