Write For You

Write for you or that could be right for you.  At the top of every SMM blog is a button that says Write For Us. Perhaps it would be better if it said Write For You. 

Write Each Day

Robert “Reb” Rebele feels that it will be a real benefit to you to Write Something Every Day.   The daily discipline of setting down something in writing can bring you multiple benefits.  Here are some that Robert  Rebele noted and he has the research to prove it.

Writing to learn – “Writing across the Curriculum” is an educational practice that extracts writing from the strangle-hold of English classes and puts writing exercises in every class, including math and science.

Writing to heal – Expressive writing can be a therapeutic process. When trauma victims write about these intense emotional experiences, they are often able to improve not just their subjective well-being, but also their physical health.

Writing to grow – “Write down three good things that happened to you today and why.” “Write a gratitude letter.” “Write about your best possible self.”

Writer’s block

Writing every day is easier than writing a few times per week. You don’t have to write much – just open that notebook at least once per day.  Develop strategies to make it effortless to start.

Some people feel that having to write something is a stress.  What should I write?  However it is easy to have a mountain of ideas if you just look around you and make a note of remarkable things.  It is a little bit like smelling the coffee or the roses. Remember you are writing for you, so no one else will see it unless you decide.

If you do want to share your writing with others, there is always something going on that would be of interest to them.  So the first step in preparing to write is to have a way of capturing all of these potential sparks that could trigger a written sentence, paragraph or article, whether short or long.  Keep a notepad or keep notes on your tablet or smartphone.

Doing the writing

Once you have the ideas, the writing comes easy. Make sure it is something you enjoy writing about.  If it includes humor, that’s even better.  Just as this blog post is being constructed, you can use voice technology such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking and talk about your topic as if you were talking to a friend.  With a little practice, the software becomes used to your voice and a reasonable text version of your thoughts is easily produced.

Once written, what do you do with the text you have used.  That is entirely up to you since you have already received the key benefit that came from doing the writing.  You can keep your own private journal or your own blog or you can submit it to another blogger and ask her to publish your writings.

The important thing is to get started.  You can then get all the benefits that Robert  Rebele described.  All it takes is a roving eye, an alert spirit and an ability to tell others about the things you see. 

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