Being really mobile friendly

My new Samsung Fascinate 3G Android phone, which I have had for some weeks, has made me much more aware of the importance of having websites that are mobile friendly.

Visitors using mobile devices such as smart phones or Blackberries are an increasing share of our total traffic. It may well be that such visitors represent the upper fraction of our visitors in terms of purchasing power and could also be the movers and shakers in society. In order to give them a satisfactory user experience on their small screens, we are in the process of converting the SMM website to be more mobile-friendly.

We are doing this by using WordPress as a Content Management System. This involves using a child theme from the twentyeleven theme that WordPress now promotes as the latest and best. This has been used for all the SMM blogs and the result on mobile devices is really impressive.

Since 1998, SMM has created a huge reserve of white papers and articles on business and Internet Marketing. These are all static HTML web pages. The task of integrating them all into a Content Management System would be extremely onerous. Accordingly a fraction of the most frequently read will be updated and re-presented in the new website format. The remainder will be maintained as is for the visitors who frequently peruse them.

We hope that in this way we will provide the best user experience for all our visitors, whatever the device they may be using to browse the Internet. Please let us have your reactions, particularly if this format creates any problems for you. Happy and fruitful reading.

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