Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

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The Internet creates major opportunities for all companies and particularly for entrepreneurs. The Internet levels the playing-field. Small companies can now compete much more effectively with their bigger competitors.

Local Online Visibility

The Internet is also where many potential customers are looking for suppliers. In local markets, they may even look for suppliers on their smart phones. The downside of the Internet is that there is an overwhelming choice of ways you can try to be visible online. Many of these are pushed by suppliers who may not be offering what will work best for you. You may get little value for whatever you spend or in some cases you may even be doing harm to your online visibility.

What is available to you is also available to your competitors of course. SMM can help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors. Our assistance can be geared to what you are trying to achieve, what challenges you are facing and what will work best for you. A low-cost first step is to do a Local Online Visibility Review. See how your online visibility rates against your key competitors. If your prospects never see you, they will never become your customers.


Getting a second opinion from someone you can trust will always help you take a better decision.  A good coach or mentor who knows you well and has solid business experience can be of inestimable value in helping you achieve your goals. Work with someone where there is mutual respect and you can communicate well back and forth.  

Here are some of the benefits a good coach can deliver:

  • A second opinion based on knowledge, skills and experience
  • Specific advice that will work for you
  • Team support in handling how the future develops
Check the Business Coach page for more details on how Barry Welford can assist you.

Freelance Writing

The Internet is primarily a medium of communication between you and your prospects and clients. Barry Welford of SMM provides freelance writing services to ensure you have the strongest possible communication tools. These will be created so as to be very visible in search engine listings and so as to encourage viral sharing in social media.

Internet Marketing Services

Some may be concerned about their total internet marketing strategy and how to integrate this in the most effective way with their offline marketing efforts. SMM provides Internet marketing services covering both strategy and actions. This includes:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Business Blogging
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local SEO
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

Contact us now to get things rolling

The Internet is only a profitable environment if you know what you are doing. An important part of that is ensuring that whatever you publish on the Internet is not seen as yet more spam but stands out by its authenticity and high quality. Our freelance writing services can ensure you have the right content.

If you are unsure what you need to do at a strategic level, then why not contact us for a free 15 minutes telephone consultation to discuss what is likely to be best for you. Find out what we can do for you without obligation. The sooner you start, the earlier you can get on the right track with your Internet efforts. Contact us, chat online ( or send a text message or telephone (778) 686-9115 and tell us what you need.